How to beat Commander Niall and his Femboys

How to beat Commander Niall and his Femboys

The Beginning

How to beat Commander Niall and his Femboys image 1

When you walk into the arena Niall will summon his femboy knights one of them has 2 swords and one has a shield.

1. You should first go to the right and deal with the guy with 2 swords then lure the shield knight away from Niall and kill him.

2. After you killed his knight's move away from Niall as he's going to turn into his second phase.

Just Niall Now

3. He'll stomp the ground with his prosthesis and jump into the air and try to attack you with it try to roll away (If you're behind him after this attack he'll try to stab you with the back of his weapon)

4.Use the move i stated before and a move where he rushes towards you with ice frost behind him as an opening and attack him (After the the move he rushes towards you you have to be quick as he'll create a small storm so you should only jump attack and roll away)

5. Keep on waiting for this move to hit him and be prepared for his big storm attack where you'll have to run away and prepare for him to run at you with his prosthesis.

6. After doing the storm attack he'll sit for a a bit allowing you to hit him a few times.

7. Try to learn his moves

Always remember that he has an abundance of aoe attacks

This is my first ever tutorial and i'm not too good at speaking English so i'm sorry if i didn't help in any way.


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