For A Kickass Bleed build [Guide]

Bleed Build

Starting off i recommend using samurai or if its for the arcane then go bandit, samurai bc of the sword you start with and bandit for the boosted arcane levels....

For a BAD-ASS bleed build, Arcane, Dexterity, and Vigour should be your main points sources for a devastating Bleed build with tonnes of damage. Additionally, it's usually worthwhile to add some levels to endurance. The mainstay of this build is arcane.

REDUVIA!!!!!!!!! <--- YES JUST YES the reduvia is just an amazing weapon that is so easy to get and yet ONE of the BEST bleed weapons in the game.

To find the Reduvia follow this guide ----- Nerijus is located in Limgrave, directly outside of Murkwater Cave. An event will occur when you enter the canyon between the two land masses where Murkwater Cave is located, and Bloody Finger Nerijus will emerge in front of you. Reduvia will be yours if you defeat him in combat.

From here on out go kill the first boss/margit and follow this video that really helped me out


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