Elden Ring's Deathbird Hunter

Elden Ring's Deathbird Hunter

What You Gonna Need

So, have you ever struggled fighting a Deathbird? Well i have good news, they can be killed very easily! you'll just need a few Holy Water Pots, these will destroy any Deathbird you encounter, they are really really weak to holy Damage.

In this guide i'm gonna show you a quick way to make a lot of pots, 3 pots should be enough for the first Deathbird you can encounter.

First things first: go to Kalé on the church of Elleh and buy the Missionary's Cookbook [1], it teaches you the recipe for Holy Water Pots, he also sells 3 cracked pots, which can be used to craft the holy bombs.

To craft the pots you gonna need two things: Mushrooms and Tarnished Golden Sunflowers

Acquiring mushrooms: you can find mushrooms everywhere, just look to the ground while walking and you'll find plenty, they are white and glow a little, very easy to spot, Boc also gives you 10 for rescuing him from the bush( a bit south of gatefront ruins).

Tarnished Golden Sunflowers: these are pretty straightfoward to get in batches, go to the Mistwood and head to the Minor Eerdtree, around it there will be plenty of flowers, if you go to Murkwater cave in the lake and fall for Patches's trap, it will teleport you directly next to the tree.

Deathbird Locations And Drops

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Elden Ring's Deathbird Hunter image 9
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Elden Ring's Deathbird Hunter image 11

Attention = Deathbirds will only spawn at night.

(IMAGES AND INFO TAKEN FROM FEXTRALIFE [eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com] WIKI)

1 - The first bird you will come across will probably be the one in Limgrave, its located in the ruins east of Warmaster's Shack, behind the giants, it drops the Blue-Feathered Branchsword.

2 - Weeping Peninsula, this bird is located north of Castle Morne, in the ruins near the cliff (right if you are going towards the castle, or left if you are leaving the castle area towards the merchant), it drops the Sacrificial Axe.

3 - Liurnia of the Lakes, can be found north-east of the Scenic Isle grace, at this point you can already see that they always spawn near the same kind of ruins, this one drops the Red-Feathered Branchsword.

4 - Capital Outskirts, east of the Hermit Merchant's Shack. It drops the Twinbird Kite Shield

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