Elden Ring Easy Mode

Elden Ring Easy Mode

"You Have The Sweetest Scream, My Lambkin"

Elden Ring is the easiest and most accessible souls game there is on the market. There are tools to make every boss fight a curb stomp and a plethora of ways you can cheese the game.

important Details for Every Beginning Playthrough

Starting off, you want to

A. Talk to Varre. He's the Chad who calls you a b_itchless tarnished. In the press release before the game had come out, he told game reviewers to go and die in a ditch somewhere. Why talk to him? He's based as hell.

B. Find as many grace sites as you can and sit at them until Melina shows up. You are no longer b_itchless.

C. Find a grace sit in the Stormveil Area north. There'll be an archway leading to it. Sitting down will allow access to the Roundtable (which only unlocks if you enter a new zone not including Siofra).


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Find or craft a furlcalling finger remedy

Co-opers Only 4.1 Miles Away From You!

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Have, find, or kidnap a [competent] friend

Make sure to set a password in the options menu that way you can find your friend.

Jolly Cooperation

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Let your friend do the work. It's what you pay them for.


In the case you're a lonely wretched soul with no friends who have good taste in video games. There is always the option of using spirit ashes.

Make sure to upgrade them as you play the game. It makes a world of difference. Which one you choose is up to you. There's two different type of spirit ashes, the premium ones and the casual ones. The type determine when and where you can summon them.

To upgrade your spirit ashes you'll want to meet a woman in a shack before fighting the Omen. She's a downer so don't listen to her. What you want to do is find a item inside Stormveil castle. It'll be near a pile of bodies. Use a guide to get there faster.

Doctor's Hate This One Trick To Make Your Vigor Bar Bigger

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Let's flesh your character out.

1. Find a melee weapon you like, I chose a handgun in my playthrough and capped Mohg like a playa. He ain't touching Miquella's Bussy without consent.

2. Get the minimum stats to wield it.

3. Here's the difficult part that'll require a bit of thinking. Which, if you're reading this guide, you don't have a whole lot of. Your end goal is 60 vigor and 15-20 endurance. 60 vigor is the Hard-Cap, meaning anything past that and you get diminishing rewards. Any levels past 60 gives less than a dozen health points, thus pointless.

We'll come back to the thinking part in the next chapter

4. Damage comes mostly from upgrading your weapon, which makes putting points into str/dex less of a priority. We want to give you as much survivability as possible.

It won't do you any good if you put all your points into strength and you die the moment when Millennia forces you to taste her scarlet rot flavored toes.

Pick Your Poison

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You have the choice of either

Chad Faith

Virgin Intelligence

When you're at 20-40 vigor you can start putting extra points into either intelligence or faith. Arcane is a lot more niche so avoid it unless there's a specific build you're following.

If you want more of a guide to know when you can divest from vigor. You'll only need 60 vigor for the Mountain Tops of Giants and beyond. Until then 30-40 vigor is an okay temporary stopping point.

You can go online or look at a steam guide to find spell locations.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2943066813					

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