Elden Ring Boss Checklist

Elden Ring Boss Checklist

Elden Ring Boss Checklist Google Spreadsheet[docs.google.com]


(Steam won't allow you to click on the link because its "potentially malicious", but you can copy and paste the link credentials into your web browser.)

The link above will take you to the spreadsheet. From there, you can only view and comment on it. To make a copy of your own to use, select "File" in the top left corner. Then from there, select "Make a copy". From there you can rename your copied document. Then select "Ok". Now you can check off the bosses you have defeated. Or you can edit the spreadsheet all you like. You can create multiple copies for all of your different characters. This can help you to track down the bosses you are missing. Also to remember which ones you have done. After about 100 bossfights, you start to forget some of them...

I based the Boss List from my personal gameplay experience, with confirmation from the Elden Ring Wiki[eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com] , and the Elden Ring Interactive Map[eldenring.wiki.fextralife.com] . But the wiki and map are still somewhat inaccurate in some areas, and aren't fully reliable at the moment. But this checklist will be one of the most accurate boss lists you will find. If you notice something with the checklist that is missing or incorrect, please comment on the version of the list owned by me, and comment on this guide. I will try to update and fix any mistakes I encounter. Also feel free to ask any question or needed clarification when it comes to my checklist or the game itself.

The checklist contains all the bosses, split up between all the main areas of the world. There is a notes section with a key identifying the icons next to the boss names, along with other side note statements. I have assigned icons to each boss based on what type of boss they are. There is also a general location in parenthesis next to the bosses name of where the boss is. There is an attempts number input box next to each boss for you to fill in if you would like.

This spreadsheet contains two additional sheets which you can select at the bottom of the screen. One is the Invader Checklist, showing all the invaders. Another is a checklist about Remembrances and Mausoleums if you care to use that.

The checklist contains spoilers in the context of boss names further on in the game. Really only spoils it if you are familiar with the lore.

I am currently working on more spreadsheet checklist for things such as Weapons, Ash Summons, Talismans, Key Items, Armor, ect. It is gonna take quite a bit of work, but look out for it in the future!

Thank you for visiting this guide, and for viewing or using my boss checklist. I hope it helps and enhances your gameplay! Remember to share this guide with your friends that play Elden Ring, so that they can access this tool as well. Have a great day, and happy gaming. (:


Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2780723912					

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