Do NOT respec for Radagon's secret


Now almost everyone knows that for advancing Goldmask's quest you have to use "Law of Regression" incantation in front of Radagon's statue in Leyndell. This incantation requires 37 INT which not everyone has readily available. Some people will say "just respec for quest and respec back" but there is a way to save your precious Larval Tears!

The Smartening

So we only need to cast this incantation once and following gear will help up:

+3 from Marika's Scarseal


+5 from Marika's Soreseal (Marika's Scarseal and Marika's Soreseal cannot be equipped at the same time)

+5 from Godrick's Great Rune

+5 from Stargazer Heirloom

+5 from Oath of Vengeance, Grafted Blade Greatsword's Skill (40 Str, 14 Dex required)

+6 from Twinsage Glintstone Crown

+10 Intelligence-knot Crystal Tear for Flask of Wondrous PhysickNow we will get an intelligence bonus of:

+34 with Marika's Scarseal

+36 with Marika's Soreseal

Since embedding somehow is broken here is the link to video:

+34 INT bonus is plenty enough bonus to cast Law of Regression, which requires 37 INT.

Do not forget that to use Oath of Vengeance you need to have at least 27 Str and 14 Dex for which you can equip Radagon's Scarseal or Radagon's Soreseal, Starscourge Heirloom and Prosthesis-Wearer Heirloom.

Marika's Soreseal (+5) is located rather late into the game so most of you will use Marika's Scarseal (+3) so only Hero and Prophet classes may need to use Oath of Vengeance to meet INT requirement


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