Behold, [Elden Bling]!

Behold, [Elden Bling]!


I am going to start putting together a collection of Elden Ring outfits that are themed or just look cool! I like to spend time collecting unique pieces of gear, if you have a cool one for me to add, leave a comment and let me know what pieces/combination!

This is a WIP and I will make sure in the future to include what each piece in each set is so you can search it up if you want to get it too!!

Outfit (1) - Reaper

Behold, [Elden Bling]! image 4

Fia's Hood

Fia's Robe

Grave Scythe with Black Flame Blade Encantation

Outfit (2) - Festive Dancer

Behold, [Elden Bling]! image 9

Festive Hood (Altered)

Deathbed Dress

Blue Silver Bracelets

Traveler Boots

Outfit (3) - Aspect Of Fire

Behold, [Elden Bling]! image 15

Crimson Hood

Gravekeeper Cloak

Traveler's Manchettes

Duelist Greaves

Outfit (4) - Cursed Blade

Behold, [Elden Bling]! image 21

Traveling Maiden Hood

Fell Omen Cloak

Traveler's Manchettes

Traveler's Boots

Outfit (5) - Battle Mage (updating)

Behold, [Elden Bling]! image 27

To be updated...

Outfit (6) - War Surgeon

Behold, [Elden Bling]! image 30

Traveling Maiden Hood

Finger Maiden Robe

Traveler's Manchettes

Traveler's Boots

Outfit (7) - Death Knight

Behold, [Elden Bling]! image 36

Night's Cavalry Helm

Night's Cavalry Armor

Night's Cavalry Gauntlets

Night's Cavalry Greaves

Outfit (8) - Servant Of Rot

Behold, [Elden Bling]! image 42

Cleanrot Helm

Gravekeeper Cloak

Briar Gauntlets

Duelist Greaves

Outfit (9) - Shaman Hound

Behold, [Elden Bling]! image 48

Black Wolf Mask

Shaman Furs

Blue Silver Bracelets

Perfumer Sarong

Outfit (10) - Sanguine Apprentice

Behold, [Elden Bling]! image 54

Sanguine Noble Hood

Alberich's Robe (Altered)

Travellers Manchettes

Alberich's Trousers

Outfit (11) - O'Great Sorcerer

Behold, [Elden Bling]! image 60


Raya Lucarian Robe

Lusat's Manchettes

Old Sorcerer's Legwraps

Outfit (12) - Lost Sister Of The Ice Witch

Behold, [Elden Bling]! image 66

Snow Witch Hat

Noble's Travelling Garb

Spellblade's Gloves

Purfumer Sarong

Outfit (13) - O'Praiser Of The Bubble

Behold, [Elden Bling]! image 72

Envoy Crown

Snow Witch Robe

Astrologer Gloves

Noble's Trousers


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