Hardcoded Keybind Fix

Fixing Those Pesky Hardcoded Keybinds

Better Keybinds Mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/dyinglight2/mods/79

Current list of fixes:- Slope Struggling is now tied to "Loot/Search/Interact"

- Ground Pound is now tied to "Attack"

- Reload/Repair are now tied to "Trade/Interact (alternative)"

- Release Cable is now tied to "Loot/Search/Interact"

- New "Better Keybinds" control category for options added by this mod

- Grappling Hook is now tied to new "Grappling Hook" keybind

- Head Stomp is now tied to "Kick"

- Ignite Propane Tank is now tied to "Loot/Search/Interact"

- Restart Event is now tied to "Brief Decline"

Installation:- If this is the first pak mod you have installed, simply drop 'data3.pak' into 'Dying Light 2\ph\source'

- If you want to merge this mod with other pak mods, drag the 'scripts' folder from my 'data3.pak' into the 'data3.pak' already in 'Dying Light 2\ph\source'

You can either use this mod as is or use it as a base to set your own custom keybinds (see below).

Editing Keybinds Yourself

If you would like to do some tinkering yourself or override a few of the default bindings, here's some information to get you started:

How to open Dying Light .pak files:- Any program that can open a .zip file can open a .pak file, such as WinRAR or 7-Zip.

- Alternatively, renaming 'data3.pak' to 'data3.zip' should let you open it without downloading anything, just make sure you change it back to .pak so the game will recognize it.

How to edit Dying Light .scr files:- Any text editor can edit a .scr file, such as Notepad++.

- You can also use Notepad without downloading anything, but it may be difficult to read.

How to override a default keybinding:1) Extract this mod's data3.pak \scripts\inputs\inputs_keyboard.scr and open it.

2) Locate the keybinding you would like to change.

3) In the Preset("") section, change the EKey__/EMouse__ variable to the key you wish to use (the list of possible EKey__/EMouse__ options can be found in data0.pak \scripts\inputs\inputenums.def).

3a) If you change an Ekey__ variable to EMouse__ or vice versa, make sure to update the EInputDevice_ variable to match.

4) In the LayoutKeybinding() section, remove or comment (add a '//' to the beginning) the matching Action() lines changed in the previous step.

5) Save and overwrite the file in data3.pak.

Other notes:- Some of the menu keybinds can be found in data0.pak \scripts\inputs\inputs_gui.scr. It is recommended to extract this file, make your edits, and put it into the mod's data3.pak.

- If your game doesn't receive any input from mouse or keyboard, there is an error somewhere in your edited file.

- I've added some comments (marked with ''!!) with some of my findings and the lines that have been changed.

- If you run into any problems, feel free to post a comment on this mod's Nexus[www.nexusmods.com] page or join my Discord[discord.gg] server.

- This game's controls really weren't made with flexibility in mind, so tinker at your own risk.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2748685607					

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