New Embark Plan

New Embark Plan

My Dwarf Choices

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Fortress Name "Axemurdered"

Group Name "The Diamonds of Blood"

Group Image "A battle axe and a diamond. The Battle Axe is massacring the diamond"

Founding Dwarves

Stone Bones - Bomrek - Miner / Doctor (No Military (Miner)

Wild Death - Onget - Hunter Fisher Herbalist Butcher Tanner Trapper (No Military at start (Hunter))

Woodrich - Zon - Woodcutter Woodcrafter Carpenter Broker (No Military (Too Important)

Stonehammer - Degel - Mason Stonecarver Stone Crafter Hammerdwarf - (Military grunt (When needed)

Bladeforge - Olon - Weapon Armor Blacksmith Furnace Operator Metalcrafter (Military eventually, early on miner)

Captain Drunky - Meng - Military leader - Bonecarver (Military right away)

Fleshfactory - Doren - Planter, Animal Caretaker/Trainer, Milker, CheeseMaker, Cook, Shearer, Recordkeeper (No Military (Trainer))

Embark Plan

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Start with the base embark.

Animals 2 Dogs (M/F) 2 Cats (M), 2 Pigs (M/F) 2 Turkeys (M/F) 2 Llamas (M/F)

Get rid of anything expensive you don't need in your initial embark (like 100 points for a stepladder and a wheelbarrow) Bring as much wood and bituminous coal as you can afford,

bring silk but never use it for anything (until you break caves (in case of mood)

Give EVERYTHING a name, use a prefix system.

Build abundant ramps for single layer transition and easy minecart . Use stairwells for exploration and scaffolding

Use the channel tool a lot, but think carefully when do.Each ramp needs a wall. Don't try to make multi layer transfer unless you're going to put in the work for a spiral.

Build things out of stone blocks, get your engrave experience by carving minecart tracks instead of building them whenever possible.

Keep your burrows up to date. Use temporary burrows to keep people in appropriate work zones.

Build temporary in place work sites with food and drink stations. For longer term jobs, keep your people there happy by making sure they have food drink and temporary dorms and dining halls.

Don't let people go to the temples/taverns/ guild halls whenever they want. Make separate burrows for them, then let them go to them when they need.

Build abundant ramps for single layer transition and easy minecart . Use stairwells for exploration and scaffolding

Restrict wood use to things that need to be wood as soon as you have your quarry set up.

As soon as animals get agitated, burrow immediately and let your trap corridor take care of it.

Keep your animals managed. Animals kill framerates. Turkeys are just for eggs, Pigs are for leather, meat, and milk. Keep a known number females for milk, one male for breeding, Butcher the rest as soon as they mature.

Only keep what Llamas you need so you don't run out of yarn.

Slaughter anything else that shows up unless it's already a pet.

Let dogs breed, but keep them confined, train adults as wardogs and put tie them up/cage them all over the place outside to foil snatchers

Don't let cats breed ever.

Try to trap cool animals to breed and domesticate.

Try to be specific in work orders and storage. Don't make stone blocks when you can make "mudstone blocks" Don't store all food, store plants, fruit, meat, fish in separate smaller stockpiles. This way you can visually see what you might be low on.

Move things between storage by managing the size of your stockpiles. Want to build something out of stone blocks somewhere, make a rock block stockpile (for the kind of stone you want even) and then erase a few bins of that kind of stone from your block stockpile. Once it's moved THEN do your construction. Do the same thing with prepared food and drink when setting up new work stations.

To Do Checklist

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- Name Founders and assign starting Work Order

- Pasture all animals

- Setup basic underground meeting area

- Mine simple entrance and antechamber,

- Cut local trees

- Secure Wagon and Entrance (walls,ceiling,stairs, fortifications,roof with logs) Initial bunker.

- Create Initial burrows.

- Create tables, chairs, office, (for work orders)

- Schedule creation of bulk order wooden beds, cabinets, doors, tables, chairs, barrels, buckets, bins, wheelbarrels, stepladders and ongoing rationed wood blocks. (set woodworker to only do woodworking)

- Make temporary dormatory, meeting hall, dining hall, tavern, temple, and hospital spaces, (6x6 rooms separated by walls with double doors

- Create wood storage, wood burning, and wood crafting area.

- Create plant pantry, still, plant processing

- Create "stinkies" for food production, channel out open space, build access bridge internal, build floor over later. food production. meat storage, fishing, tanning butcher, soap maker and cover it.

- Equip hunters and create bone bolt workstation

- Butcher starting pack animals and use bones for bolts.

- Pasture indoor animals, create farmer and weaver station.

- Create initial farms and set up planting and seed storage.

- Setup cloth production area

- Set up food and drink production work orders

- Set up wood production work orders

- Explore, find aquifer, and main production floor location.

- Unload coal from wagon with minecarts.

- Setup production floor

- Setup gem work order (by mid summer)

- Locate bedrooms

- Review work orders

- Review burrows

- Review workshop ownership

- Train newcomer miners by carving out tree farm

- Setup barracks

- Setup cloth, leather, and armor weapon production

- Locate quarry and set up long term stone production

- Begin siege training over quarry

- Locate public entrance, create plaza, trade depot, structural fortifications (stone blocks) trap corridor (before autumn)

- Setup decent sized central switch room, make sure all important access points and controlls have a switch in the switch room (and some locally as well)

- Build fresh water access,plumbing, power generation,

- Locate stone built temple/taverns.

- Plan noble district.

- Dig exploratory shafts and locate the first caverns, figure out where to build underground farms

- Move llamas underground once you have floor fungus

- Train Migrant miners by having them expand mushroom tree farm early.

- Dig deep and find the magma sea, build magma safe pumps and minecarts, bring magma up to production floor.


I wrote all the text. This images are from Midjourney.


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