Guide to the Premium UI for OG Players

Where The #$@&%* Did That Go?

Farm Plots

Farm plots are now under Build->Workshop

Military Menu

The menu is the blue thing in the lower right, the 'Squad' menu.

Mason's Workshop

Stonecutter's Workshop

Cancel Mining

No longer in the mining menu, in it's own "Remove Designation" menu.

Civilian Alert

No longer exists, however you can assign all your civilians to a burrow and mark it as inactive. Then when you are under attack, mark it as active. This has been reported as buggy and seems to work only a portion of the time, or with some of the dwarves but not others.


Merged into 'Zones'.


No longer exist, see "Vermin Catcher's Workshop" for small creature training, although most animals can be trained without a workshop.

Architecture Skill

No longer exists.

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