Speed-Run Setup

Speed-Run Setup


This Guide will show a step by step walk-through on how to edit the game files and change some minor settings that relate to fps count and keybindings. There is also an optional down-patch that allows for consistent glitching.

Downpatch (Recommended)

In order to allow some of the speed-running tricks to work fluently and consistently each time, it is recommended that you install this down-patch: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lujw6auu09hv3hj/AACgCJ0mXJXERhqTPdi50Swca

This patch changes the games version from the current 1.4, to 1.2 and will allow for an easier speed-running experience. This patch is not required as most of the glitches can still be preformed on the current version of the game.


After you have downloaded the patch from drop-box, open it with a file extractor like winrar or 7zip in your downloads file. Then open your Dishonored game file by: right clicking "Dishonored" in your steam library --> select "properties" --> "local files" --> "browse local files". Once you are in your Dishonored file, drag everything from the down-patch you have opened in winrar into the Dishonored file. Wait for the files to load in, and select "replace all" When given the prompt to do so.

IMPORTANT: This down-patch does not support any DLC, this is purely for the base game runs only.

Graphics Settings (Required)

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In order for most of the glitches to work, you must manually increase the maximum fps in the game files. There are 2 ways you can do this, both do the same thing. I recommend Just doing option 1 because option 2 might not be present for you, and you will need to return to option 1 for controls.

Option 1(use this): Go to the dishonored file from the "browse local files" option in the games properties, which can be accessed by right-clicking dishonored and selecting properties. Once in the files, follow the path: "DishonoredGame" folder --> "Config" folder --> "DefaultEngine" file, and open it in notepad, or any other text program.

Option 2(don't use this): Locate dishonored in your documents file by opening your file browser and clicking "documents" --> "MyGames" folder --> "dishonored" folder. Then follow the path: "DishonoredGame" folder --> "config" file --> "DishonoredEngine" file, and open it in notepad, or any other text program.

In the text file (applies to both options): Use "Control F" and type in MaxSmoothedFrameRate. Once you have located that line of code, it should say that it equals 130 (MaxSmoothedFrameRate=130). change the 130 to 250. Anything higher or lower will not allow the glitches to work so make sure its at least set to 200-250.

If your having trouble reaching around 250 frames while in-game, you can disable some of the graphics settings in the Engine file. You can only disable these settings in option 2: Inside the "DishonoredEngine" file from option 2, use control F and type in "DynamicLights" This setting should equal true (DynamicLights=true). Change the "true" to "false" and if you are still having issues with reaching 200+ fps. One line below dynamic lights is "DynamicShadows". You can also set this to false to improve fps. Alternatively you can also lower your settings in-game.

IMPORTANT: Once you have finished tweaking your settings in either option 1, or option 2 make sure to right click on the text file you are editing and select "Properties". Then check the box that says "Read Only". If you do not do this then the game will revert your settings. Also make sure to disable Vsync in-game or you will be stuck at 60 fps.

Control Settings (Recommended)

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To edit the control settings, go back to the dishonored file from option 1 and follow the path: "DishonoredGame" folder --> "Config" folder --> "DefaultInput" file, and open it in notepad, or any other text program.

Use "Control F" and type in "m_PCBindings=(Name="SpaceBar",Command="GBA_Jump")". Once you have located that line of code, copy it, hit enter and paste it in that line you created. Then change the "SpaceBar" in the line you pasted and change it to "MouseScrollUp".

By creating that second line, you can now utilize both the space-bar and scroll-wheel to jump. By binding jump to your scroll wheel it allows for higher jumps because the jump input is being pressed so fast that 2 jump inputs are read by the game before you lift off the ground. This slightly increases the jump height which opens up certain routes in the speedrun.

As an optional setting you can follow the same steps above, but locate the "F" key binding and change it to "MouseScrollDown" on the second copied line. While not required it allows for faster use of the f key for skipping cut-scenes.

IMPORTANT: Remember to select properties and set the "DefaultInput" file to read only or the game will ignore the changes.


Overall these tweaks should allow and enhance your speed-running experience. I am not an expert speed-runner, only a novice, but if you have any questions feel free to ask as I am always active on Steam. I highly recommend that you check out mmDust's speedrun tutorial (link below) on YouTube which covers all the necessary glitches you just prepared your game for.

Reminder: Make sure all the files you tweaked are "Read Only" and Vsync is disabled in-game.

Happy Running!

Tutorial link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8SXzw8e370

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1876540431					

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