"By My Hand Alone" Achievement Tips

Practice And Patience

You need to be calm and patient. And practice too.

By My Hand Alone is both skill and luck based, so the practice refers to skill, patience to luck.

Yeah sometimes enemies will do weird things, kill each other, fall from a roof and die, or the game will just crash. Chill.

You'll restart quite often. At least the game is very quick in terms of loading screens, so at least this isn't a problem.

Num. Of Enemies In Each Round And Runes

You need to get to round 12, killing every enemy personally, including the golden merchant.

The number of enemies of each wave goes like this:

Round 1 - 3 enemies

(always includes a lower city watch guards and/or weepers)

Round 2 - 3 enemies

Rune - Devouring Swarm II

Round 3 - 3 enemies

Golden merchant

Round 4 - 4 enemies

Round 5 - 4 enemies

Rune - Bend Time I

Round 6 - 4 enemies

Golden merchant

Round 7 - 4 enemies

Round 8 - 4 enemies

(always includes 3 elite city watch guards and a musical overseer)

Rune - Windblast II

Round 9 - 5 enemies

(always includes the torturer, glowing red)

Golden merchant

Round 10 - 5 enemies

(always includes 1 tallboy)

Round 11 - 5 enemies

(always includes 1 tallboy)

Round 12 - 5 enemies

(always includes 2 tallboys and musical overseer)

Golden merachant

So at the end of each round you should see this:

- 3

- 6

- 9

- 10 (gm)

- 14

- 18

- 22

- 26

- 27 (gm)

- 31

- 36

- 37 (gm)

- 42

- 47

- 52

- 53 (gm)

(I suggest you write down these numbers just to

make sure you're on track at the end of the rounds)

All The Tips In One Place

- There are 4 fractions:

City Watch, Assassins, Thugs, Weepers.

- With Bend Time active you want to eliminate the most of the enemies you see in sight. If you see two fractions fighting eliminate the weaker of the two.

- Parry and counter are your best friends. You kill enemies much faster.

- Don't hesitate to use Bloodthirsty. Use it! Doesnt work on the golden merchant, great to deal with the annoying hounds though.

- Bolts and bullets:

Bolts good for range, and far headshots.

Use bolt headshots on weaker enemies that are about to engage in combat with other fraction.

Use bolt headshots on firespitting thugs, to eliminate them as fast as possible.

Bolts sometimes can be recovered, it helps.

Bolts are good for stunning too. One bolt shot and a sword swipe and he's dead.

Bullets good for one shot killing from short distances, so dont event think about it, run as

close to the enemy, aim for the head and shoot. Most of the time he'll die, but let it follow with a

sword swipe just to be sure.

- Do mind to use both bullets and bolts, and switch them so you'll always have enough space to pick more to always have maximum for the last rounds.

- Spam the F button on city watch officers and assassins. They have bullets and bolts and you need those.

- Use Bend Time at the beginning of each round since the moment you obtain it.

(except for round 8, which includes only city watch officers and musical overseer, no need to waste mana).

- Enemies take a second to spawn. Wait one second and then cast Bend Time.

- Try not to use it more than once in a round, because you need that mana for rounds 10, 11, 12.

- Therefore, try not to use Blink, unless necessary.

- You have to pick up the Devouring Swarm Rune II, to get Bend Time, even if it's far away, because the first rune you pick will always be the swarm, no matter when it spawned.

- In round 8, locate the musical overseer and kill him with a grenade.

- In round 9, given the circumstances I suggest you kill the Torturer the last, unless he spawned near you.

- Use double jump to kill the Torturer fast, because he's tanky as hell.

- Consider shooting assassins with the pistol, if you engage in close combat. They tend to be quite annoying to deal with.

If he teleports, most likely it will be behind you so press CTRL and turn around.

- The hounds are a pain, when you see it's charging and you're not sure if you'll kill it on time, just double jump.

- Regarding the whale oil tank... Personally i never use it. I prefer to deal with enemies personally than to trust an explotion that might or might not do the work.

- In rounds 10, 11 there are two ways of action:

Bend time, kill the tallboy, kill the others, or Bend time, kill all, deal with the lone tallboy.

Your call.

- The tallboy can be dealt with, from the ground, with a pistol/crossbow by shooting the whale oil on his back, or with drop assassination.

- You can wait for the tallboy that spawns near the assassins roofs, on a metal sheet (between the stairs and it's spawning point). Climb it, double jump and kill it.

- Before round 12 begins, plant the two spring razors you have, on two spawn points of your choosing. It's random, but I suggest near whale oil tank and the exit from the dark stairs. this way you have some chance to eliminate the musical overseer (and other enemies) on spawn.

- In rounds 11 and 12, use as much Bend Time as you need, utilize this to kill all the regular enemies, prioritizing weepers, if there are any, because the tallboys will oneshot them.

- Sometimes assassins will pull you with their power. It's quite annoying. If you want, you can use it in your advantage. Aim slightly higher and headshot him with a crossbow.

- Don't let officers shoot each other in the back, when they aim at you, like you do in the base game. This kill won't count in your favor.

- Always do check up with your numbers list to know that you're on track.

- Consider restarting when/if:

- You ran out of health/mana potions too soon.

- You completely ran out of ammo.

- The Bent Time rune is on the far roof and you failed the Blink more than once.

- Enable auto aim in the settings. (mine was set to 75).

- And the game changer.

The real thing of them all that helped me to get By My Hand Alone is maxing out the depth of field. That's insane how much it helps.

Prepare Your Whiskey And Cigars

Right after comlpetening round 12, with a total of 52, kill the golden merchant, and enjoy your whiskey and cigars.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2586182794					

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