How to restore "lost" save data

The Issue

The problem emerges after the game is terminated, for example in my case, crashing. Upon opening the game again, the game will restart from the beginning. However, rather than having outright deleted the data, the save does still exist, it's just that the game does not read it.

Essentially, game is blind.

The Solution

First off, navigate to your save data folder. This will be in your documents folder, where you then go Dead Space (2023) > settings > steam. From there, you should see multiple .sav files. Figuring out which are yours is easier if you know the IRL time you last saved on that file, but it should be somewhat simple regardless. The exact specifics of which save file(s) is/are important I am unaware of, as I just identified everything that was on the time I last saved.

Once you figure it out, back that ♥♥♥♥ up. You never know what might happen.

Afterwards, you must indeed play the game from the beginning up until the first manual save point, which is right after you get the Plasma Cutter. Save, then quit.

Back in your save folder, you should find the new Chapter 1 save. Delete it, and then rename your actual save to what the deleted save was called. For good measure, I pasted all the other files as well, but you might not need to do this.

I should note I also disabled Steam Cloud for good measure, but I have no idea if that is problematic in this scenario.

Now open the game again. It will be very obvious if the process is successful. There are no problems with this method, other than the fact that your playtime is reset to zero. This isn't important, just a thing to mention in case someone asks you "bro how tf did you get to chapter 4 in 50 minutes".

The Credits

I found the solution on this reddit comment on a post about the same issue.

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