Without a hitch

Without a hitch

The Achievement Iteself

Without a hitch: Complete a run without taking any damage.

It might sound simple and already enough to scare off some players but in reality, it's not impossible.

But With Who?

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In order to achieve this, you first have to play the game enough to understand enemy attack patterns and boss attack patterns. A great character for this achievement would be Mumba as it has a great starting weapon with high damage and fire rate with great mobility, mobility also helps with dodging most of the enemy attacks.

The Tips

Mumba is a great character but you'll also need some items to help you out to clear rooms faster.

Here are some items that will definitely help:

Ancient Tome

Beef ramen-

Block of Ice


Choco bar


Diet pill

Fear itself

Friday Night Pumpkin

Garlic necklace (For melee enemies)


Gold ring-

Jester's cap

Marshmallow bunny


Modding kit 1

Momma's cookies


Rainbow Bunny

Signed bat



Unreliable Angel-

Weird Magazine

Speed and damage is the key to clear rooms without getting hit.

Some of the items has a chance to block damage but I'm unsure if blocking incoming damage counts as not taking damage, so let me know if you get the achievement with those items.

The Trick

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In the recent midrun save update, you can now close game mid run and continue the run at a later time. With this function you can actually just refresh floors and if you take damage on a certain floor or get hit by chunks at the end, you can simply leave the game and continue at the start of the level.

I wish you gamers out there all the best and I hope this helps!

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