How to Win Forever (Using Melons)

Win Forever

(Edit you also need a bouncy item)

Step 1 : Get Rotten Melon

Step 2: Get Glass Eye

Step 3: Get Bouncy Item

Step 3: Win. Forever.

Explanation :

When the Melon explodes, and you have the Glass eye, the melon chunks will becoming sentient missiles that's gonna follow any enemy 'till they're dead. Chunks die in less than 1 second. So does your framerate so...fear of crashing? But also...unlimited power?

So yeah, always get the Glass Eye, always, just for the chance, the smidge of a chance of getting that sweet delicious scrumptious rotten melon.

(I shall update this once I find pics of the items again. But Roguelike so might never happen again?)


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