How to get gud if your really bad like me.

How to get gud if your really bad like me.


hello im (insert generic alias here) and im gonna help you get gud at this game.

Section 1: Play Other Rogue-like Games.

How to get gud if your really bad like me. image 3

Play Enter than Exit the Gun, The Binder Containing Eyesack or maybe even Team Fort Defense The Sequel uh i mean Thermonuclear Game of Thrones.After Getting gud at these games, you still might need help on your journey to get pro gamer on this game.

Section 2: Use An Aim Trainer.

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Now i know what your thinking, "This is a third-person locked camera game" or something like that. Well you need to get good at FPS games too. Now's your chance to play "that one game that I crossed out before in section 1" or labratory for aiming.

Section 3: Therapy Because We Are All In This Together. (being Bad At This Game)

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Acording to "Coping With Separation And Divorce" by Mental Health America:

Allow yourself to relax. Allow oneself to feel and function in a less-than-ideal manner for a period of time. For a while, you may not be able to be as productive at work or care for others in the same way that you are used to. Take time to mend, regroup, and re-energize; no one is superman or superwoman.

Don't try to get through this on your own. Sharing your emotions with friends and family will assist you in getting through this difficult time. Consider attending a support group where you may chat to people who have gone through similar experiences. Isolating yourself can increase stress, decrease concentration, and interfere with job, relationships, and general health. If you require assistance, don't be scared to seek it.

Take care of your emotional and physical well-being. Be gentle with yourself and your body. Take some time to exercise, eat well, and unwind. Maintain as much consistency as possible in your daily activities. Avoid making major life decisions or adjustments.

Take the time to investigate your passions. Reconnect with hobbies and interests that aren't related to your partner. THE GAME. Have you ever wanted to learn how to paint or join an intramural softball team? Enroll in a class, devote time to your interests, volunteer, and enjoy life and meet new people.

Consider the positive. Isn't it easier said than done? Things may not be the same, but finding new interests and relationships, as well as moving forward with realistic expectations, will help you get through this adjustment. Be adaptable. Family traditions will still be vital if you have children, but some of them may need to be changed. Assist in the creation of new family activities.

Life will return to normal, but that "normal" may differ from what you had planned for.


Section 4: Acceptance

If you are still really bad at this game after all these steps, don't sweat it, ACCEPT IT! Everyone has their own traits that make them special. You might not be good at rogue-likes and thats ok. Keep practicing the game and enjoy this communities favorite waifu WITCH. I MEANT TO SAY WITCH.

And that witch is...

(insert drumroll)



How to get gud if your really bad like me. image 24

read other peoples guides. have fun!


go play and have fun!


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