How to win every match in Crab Game (Easy)

Finding The Win Button

Finding the win button , one of the hardest things to do in crab game many beginners struggle with this but don't worry I believe that you can do this

Clicking The Win Button

This is one of the basic fundamentals of crab game.When I first tried I couldn't click it was just to hard so I had to hire a professional clicker to do it but I sure that you can do It

Step 1 of guide inside a guide you have to move your mouse the long distance to the win button this will be a dangerous journey but if you make it there's only one more step

Step 2 once you have gotten to the win button you need to click it some explode in the process because it is just to hard so you have to click it with you feet if you want to make it out alive

You Made It

You have officially learned how to win every match of crab game good luck


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