How to make popular Lobby in Crab Game

How to make popular Lobby in Crab Game

Name Of The Lobby

First of all, name.

Name must be short, simple, and cool.

Dont make lobby name with not supported in-game launguage.

Also for Categories use Sufixes like: (18+) (14+) (TAG) (24/7) or (STREAM)

And for more popularity use Meme Names.

Maps And Gamemodes

The second secret of popularity its Maps and Gamemodes.

First of all delete gamemodes like: Pushing Buttons, Crab Fight, Color Plates.

Best gamemodes i recommend you keep: TAG, Score TAG, Bomb TAG, RACE, Breaking Plates and Lights Off.

Find best maps with your brain, if you dont have brain or you are Dota 2 player just pick a random maps.

Maximum Players

What about Maximum Players?

If you wanna Big Lobby use from 30 to 40

Streamer lobby: Private and 15-20 players

Hangout with friends: 5-10

Rules For Admins

Do not nake lobby name with your twitch link (lobby will be popular but 73% its racist people)

Do not ban or kick user for stupid reason (Players can Detect you banning people and they gonna leave)

Do not use Cheats or other exploits.

If you making Glock For Everyone add sufix (GFE) or (COL)

Do NOT give everyone a Ak47 (Rifle), yes its is in the game the problem is if you give everyone it everyone will be Kicked

If you wanna make lobby with music players, i recommend use sufix (MFA)

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