Ranged Damage Build - Poison and Criticals !


Hi, here is my Ranged Damage build.

This build focuses on stacking different kind of buffs in order to inflict good damage from a distance while getting a solid chance of avoiding incoming damage with dodge. Got me to kill some bosses with minimal efforts.


Hunter Hood (rare drop from Caveling Hunters, the dude disguised as bushes)

Hunter Cloak (More common drop from same ennemy)

Ivy's Pants (Drop from boss of same name)

Ivy's Ring (Same as above)

Mold Ring (Drop from mold Zombies)

Mold Vein Necklace (Same as above)

Blowpipe (weapon)

Caveling ID (off-hand)

Blowpipe ? Seriously ? Yes. It's far from being the most potent weapon in the game but it has a chance of applying poison on it, and that's the point of this build. Poisons mean critical chances buff ! Also, high rate of fire, which is good.

The Hunter set bonus is pretty useless on bosses and solo games but can increase your crit chance while standing still, and also have good ranged stats AND gives dodge chances !

Ivy's bonus Set gives +26% crit chance when you apply poison, this is why we use the Blowpipe.

Mold Set gives immunity to mold which is a minor quality of life improvment, but the ring with 13% crit chance and the neck with 23.7% ranged damage are good .

The Caveling ID as offhand only increases your dodge chances and can be swapped for watherver you want. But dodging denies all damages of any attach, from slime to bosses.


Gardening : Surprizingly enough, gardening is your friend. If you can manage to pick Poison Coated Weapons and Potent Poison, it's all good.

Ranged : Go all the way left for criticals ! MORE CRITICALS !

Vitality : Go for Strong and Healthy and get some health potions

With all that you should hurt like a motherloader. Have fun, people !!

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2830548858					

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