Quick Guide to never garden again.

Quick Guide to never garden again.

AFK Mining The Plants

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First we want the game to pick the plants for us, unfortunately we can not make it plant for us...yet. To do this we need drills, and to get those you need scarlet ore. Once you obtain the drills you will find that they destroy the plant before it is ready to harvest. This is because the plant can be mined before it is ready. We can fix this by turning the drills off and on over and over again. This is because the plant has different hit points before and after it is ready to be harvested, after a delay from the drill the hit points go back to full. So we will make a repeater, you will need four delay circuits, one logic Circuit, some wire, two cross circuits and a generator. For my example I used two generators, I had some left over resources.

There are many different ways to make this work you don't have to follow mine, but this was my design that leaves the drills off long enough to not destroy the garden when its growing. Once the plants are fully grown they will be mined by the drills and put on conveyor belts. You should also add sprinklers to water the plants for you.

The Kitchen.

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Now we will make the Kitchen. You will need cooking pots, robot arms, and conveyor belts. Robot arms only take food that is cooked out of the pot, and it can place ingredients in the pot, but what does it do when the pot is full. You don't want to go pick up all the unused ingredients, so we are going to make more. I made a few, probably more then needed but better safe then sorry.

When a pot is full the next arm will take the ingredients or finished product put it on a conveyor belt, and so on until a pot with an open slot is found. If you want a more control on what is being cooked, you can always plant only specific items in exact number.

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