How to access to buckets early

How to access to buckets early

Getting The Bucket Set Up

How to access to buckets early image 1

How to access to buckets early image 2

To get buckets you need to first download a Core Keeper mod client called R2ModMan

This can be downloaded using this link:

After R2ModMan is downloaded and set up, you need to either search or select Core Keeper

After Core Keeper is selected you need to make a new profile by clicking "Create new." You can now name this profile what ever you want.

Once this is done open your profile using the "Select profile" button, click the "Online" button under the "MODS" section on the left and select "BucketMod by kremnev8" This is the mod that adds the bucket to your game.

After that, the major step is done!

Making Sure The Mod Is Installed

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After completing step 1, we need to make sure the mod has successfully been installed.

By clicking the "Start modded" button in the top left, modded core keeper will launch. after it has launched, start either a new or existing world, gather 8 wood and craft the "Root workbench," then check if the "Bucket workbench" is there.

if it is, the mod is successfully loaded!

Changing The Bucket Sprite

How to access to buckets early image 15

The original bucket sprite used in the mod is not the one we want to use, we want to use this sprite,

(This image will need to be downloaded)

Next we need to actually change the sprite, this can be done by going to the mod folder


After you have opened this folder, we need to paste the bucket sprite into this folder, after it has been pasted in, delete the original bucket sprite. (named "bucket")

And just like that! you're done! you can now relaunch the modded version of the game, craft the bucket workbench, and then the bucket.

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