New achievements list

The Achievements

Stifling the press

Squish the news ticker flat, then click on it.

It's big brain time

Have 1 cortex baker.

Just my imagination

Have 50 cortex bakers.

Now there's an idea

Have 100 cortex bakers.

The organ that named itself

Have 150 cortex bakers.


Have 200 cortex bakers.

A trademarked portmanteau of 'imagination' and 'engineering'

Have 250 cortex bakers.


Have 300 cortex bakers.

The 10% myth

Have 350 cortex bakers.

Don't think about it too hard

Have 400 cortex bakers.

Though fools seldom differ

Have 450 cortex bakers.

Looking kind of dumb

Have 500 cortex bakers.

A beautiful mind

Have 550 cortex bakers.

Cardinal synapses

Have 600 cortex bakers.

Positive thinking

Make 1 nonillion cookies just from cortex bakers.

The thought that counts

Make 10 undecillion cookies just from cortex bakers.


Make 100 tredecillion cookies just from cortex bakers.


Reach level 10 cortex bakers.

They moistly come at night

Have 650 grandmas.

It's grown on you

Have 650 farms.

Don't let the walls cave in on you

Have 650 mines.

Replaced by robots

Have 650 factories.

Financial prodigy

Have 650 banks.

And I will pray to a big god

Have 650 temples.

Shosple Colupis

Have 650 wizard towers.

False vacuum

Have 650 shipments.

Metallic taste

Have 650 alchemy labs.

Swiss cheese

Have 650 portals.

But the future refused to change

Have 650 time machines.

What's the dark matter with you

Have 650 antimatter condensers.


Have 650 prisms.

Never tell me the odds

Have 650 chancemakers.

Blowing an Apollonian gasket

Have 650 fractal engines.

Get with the program

Have 650 javascript consoles.

Lost your cosmic marbles

Have 650 idleverses.

By will alone I set my mind in motion

Have 650 cortex bakers.

Ain't that a click in the head

Make 100 octillion cookies from clicking.

Sexcentennial and a half

Have at least 650 of everything.

I am speed

Bake 100 quindecillion cookies per second.

And on and on

Bake 1 sexdecillion cookies per second.

Fake it till you bake it

Bake 100 vigintillion cookies in one ascension.

History in the baking

Bake 1 unvigintillion cookies in one ascension.

Baby it's old outside

Click one of Santa's helper grandmas during Christmas season.


Own 10,000 buildings.


Purchase 500 upgrades.

Beyond quality

Purchase 600 upgrades.

Everything happens so much

Bake 10 sexdecillion cookies per second.

I'll rest when I'm dead

Bake 1 septendecillion cookies per second.

What do you get for the baker who has everything

Bake 100 unvigintillion cookies in one ascension.

Bottomless pit

Bake 1 duovigintillion cookies in one ascension.

All the stars in heaven

Own 100 heavenly upgrades.

Other Things I Felt Like I Had To Type

There has recently been a new update one Cookie Clicker finally and all us grinders are excited for the extra building and 51 new achievements they're all here (i'm pretty sure)

Thank you Orteil for finally upgrading your game!

Favourite and Thumbs up if helpful and thanks for using my guide (if you did)


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