Lucky Payout ( 777777 ) Made Easy

Step By Step Guide:


Make sure you are no longer gaining any prestige ( sell everything if needed )

Find your exact prestige level ( mouseover "Legacy" tab, if your prestige is too high, turn short numbers off in options, so you can see the exact number and if you are in the middle of a run and you gained new prestige level, don't forget to add it to the final number )

Close the game

Go to ...\steamapps\common\Cookie Clicker\resources\app\src

Make a copy of "main.js" ( just in case )

Open "main.js" ( notepad will do, but it's better if you have notepad++ or any other app that can properly read code )

Search for "(Math.ceil(Game.prestige)%1000000==777777)" line and change those six sevens to your last six digits ( for an example, if you have 1,787,221,117 total prestige, it will look like this "(Math.ceil(Game.prestige)%1000000==221117)" )

Ascend and you'll be able to buy those upgrades.


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