How to keep Cookie Clicker working in the background?

Step 1: Navigate To The Game Files

Head to the directory in which Cookie Clicker has been installed.

(Navigate to game options and click on "Browse Local Files")

Step 2: Navigate To The Start.js File

Inside that folder, head to the resources folder and then to the app folder.

Locate the file start.js and open it in a code editor like Visual Code.

Step 3 Launch Start.js In A Code Editor

Find the property (is around line 47)


Step 4: Add BackgroundThrottling: False, Under The WebPreferences Property

Add the given code under the webPreferences property:backgroundThrottling: false,

End Result

The end result should look like this:

webPreferences:{ backgroundThrottling: false, preload:path.join(__dirname,'preload.js'), nodeIntegration:true, contextIsolation:true, affinity:'Cookie Clicker', }

Thank you for reading my guide! :) It's my first guide.


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