How to get cookies :)

How to get cookies :)

DISCLAIMER!!! (steam Read This Or Di- I Mean, Pwease?)

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This is TOTALLY a joke guide.

Steam please dont delete this uwu.

please steam... i beg you :(

You cant delete this cuz im 100% a woman no cap

This guide contains stuff like: (so think twice before seeing the guide)

secrifice, sexual joke, nuke blueprints

Steam... please a beg you uwu i love you and valve is very cool, team fortress 2 very cool game csgo and dota aswell please dont delete this

Jeremy from steam support is my brother in law, im not joking.

and my mother works at roblox, she will ban you if you delete this stem* staem* smie* steam*


What Will You Need?

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Here are some important things u NEED to click cookies and dominate the world with them.

1. A mouse clicking method. (i would recommend the one where you hold it by its tail and quickly go up and down with your hand)

2. A computr (cuz its cool and yes)

3. 5 red candles, any red powder and a living human being (for the secrifice obviously)

4. Roblox account

5. A microphone

These are the things u NEED.

If you dont have even one of those, get it and come back :)

And here are some things u CAN have but u dont really need, they are just bonus stuff thats cool to have:

2. Obama :)

3. A gun

4. A spell book (dark magic edition)

5. A soul of a child

1. Nuke Blueprints (ill give them to you cuz we are mates right?)

ALR, now lets move on to step 2 of this guide :D

(steam please accept my guide and dont cancel it or something pls uwu. i have family to feed, remember how u took down my GeometryDash guide that was secretly a minecraft tutorial?

Those ware the times eh?... for real tho, i know where you live ._.)

How To Get Cookies?

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Alright. NOW, lets get to the real tutorial shall we?

*cough* *cough* *cough*

So, lets beg-- *cough*

Dang, guys i think i have covid-69 😎


The 20 step proces of getting cookies:

1. Open the game

2. Click on the cookie

3. be amazed that u got 1 cookie

4. click the cookie more

5. buy a mouse using cookies u just got

6. buy more cookies and click more

7. buy a grandma (they are the best in the business)

8. Sell a grandma for a achievement

9. buy the grandma again :)

10. click, buy stuff, repeat

11. Repeat step 10 to the point where you have 1 million cookies

12. Repeat step 10 to the point where you have 1.1 million cookies

13. Get the candles, red powder, and a living being...

14. Create a star using the red powder, and place the candles on the edges or something idk how to call it, it should look like this:

15. Place a living being in the middle of the star

16. Say to your microphone "Hamburger, cheeseburger, big mack, whooper"

17. Say to your microphone "Hamburger, cheeseburger, big mack, whooper" 2 more times (so total should be 3)

19. Say to your microphone "Hamburger, cheeseburger, big mack, whooper" but with raised voice

20. G E T T H E L O O T (cookies will drop out of the now not living being)

21. Do a backflip (cuz it looks cool :D)

22. G E T R E A D Y. . .

23. When you hear a demonic voice scream from your basement. GO THERE.

If you dont have a basement, it is probably outside waiting... whats waiting? the cookie demon...

24. Go to the cookie demon

26. When standing next to the cookie demon, turn around and bend over

27. Then you will wake up in H E L L

28. Get back home after a cool meal with satan

29. WOW! Your whole house is covered in some red goo... hmmm, its probably nothing.

and u have how much cookies???

Tell me in the comments!!!

(i got 666.69 BILLION COOKIES, WOW!!!)

30. R E P E A T

31. Also, if it doesnt work for you and u can use the nuke blueprints to nuke france, cuz thats cool i guess

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