Cookie Clickers Strangest Achievements and How to get them!


This guide is talking about the weird, rare, and hard achievements and will show you how to get them. This will aid you in getting the 100% achievements and having a cool snazzy perfect game!

The Achievements!

Lets get into the achievements!

Endless cycle:

Endless cycle is one of the easiest shadow achievements out there, you have to ascend 1000 times, this is a shadow achievement so it will not give you any cps, its more for the flex of having it! It will take a long time to get, I managed to ascend 10 times in 50 seconds, at that rate it would take 83 minutes, that might not seem to bad but 50 seconds is being very generous and it would be very hard to do that for extend amounts of time

Seven horseshoes:

Seven horseshoes is a super hard achievement to get! You have to click golden cookies 27,777 times. Seems like hell to me! It would take around 259 hours to get all 27,777 golden cookie clicks! That is a lot of days! And keep in mind you would have to be sitting there, clicking all the cookies when they spawn.

Gaseous assets:

Get a year worth of profits with the stock market you get by upgrading the bank! Thats $31,536,000, This can be done by buying a lot of stock when something crashes and is down to below 5 $econds of cps, and selling when it is 100+ $econds of cps.

So much to do so much to see:

So much to do so much to see is one of the last achievements you will get!, you have to have the game for a year, most people who have this, loaded up a save that is ALMOST at a year then they collect the achievement when it does get to a year. By not doing this even if you bought the game on steam the day it came out and started playing then, it would be impossible to get it without external programs.

True Neverclick:

For this you will have to ascend, and start a game on hardcore, wait till golden cookies spawn and hope to get: Lucky, Cookie chain, or cookie storm. Buy buildings and wait till you reach 1 million cookies total baked, most people also do the hardcore achievement at the same time.


Get to 1 billion total baked cookies with 0 upgrades, getting this and True Never click at the same time takes around 6 hours to be prepared to put in some time!


Thanks so much for reading this guide, I hope you enjoyed it and maybe even got some new achievements from it!


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