Cookie Clicker - Legacy story

Cookie Clicker - Legacy Story


You begin as normal guy making cookies, casual thing for sure.

Later on you buy your neighbors grandma and use her as your personal slave for making more cookies to buy more grandmas and make even more cookies.

BUT!~~ that's not all... because you are greedy and want more cookies, so you buy some farm lands with your cookies to plant more cookies! $ COOKIE PROFIT $

By some random magical event.... you find out that there are mines full of cookies! As expected.. you buy them... you want to buy them all with cookies to mine.... cookies.... $$$

BUT MY FRIENDS... that is not all

You got your slaves, farm lands and even mines... what is next?! Your own factory to make cookies.... cookies are so popular at that moment that you buy factories with cookies, to produce cookies.... MORE BUSINESS! $$$

This would be a long guide.. so lets go forward, our time is important

So you buy banks, shipment, portals, wizards everything.. whole universes.... Nothing is left... you got old and it's time to go... to heavens... cookies heaven..... Just to reincarnate and repeat your cookie story again, and change everything to cookies.... then die.. AND REPEAT!

But no.. there is no story really... I just made it up and took some of your time... to make your lonely night better, to help you think about cookies before going to sleep, yeah... just try to not think about melting grandmothers... they are scary man...


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