Cookie Clicker - Instant 100% Achievement Completion

The Method

You will only need two applications open for this guide:

- Cookie Clicker (Steam)

- Cookie Clicker (Google Tab)

There is zero external software used in this method, only basic manipulation of the import / export feature.

Firstly, on the google tab change your bakery name to "abc saysopensesame". This will unlock the the developer tools on the top left of the screen.

Click on this icon and a menu will open entitiled "Dev tools", click the box named "All ahievs" and this will pop all the achievements within your google save.

After this you want to import your google save onto steam by going into settings then copying the text from "export save" (in the google tab) then pasting into "import save" (in the steam tab).

After this YOU MUST OPEN YOUR STEAM OVERLAY and watch as the achievements pile up, leading to 100% completion and over 500 achievements in just five minutes :)


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