Complete Hitless Playthrough

The Guide

I recommend watching on YT for quick timestamps skips.

00:00 - 1st Zone

06:08 - 2nd Zone (The Sewers)

15:41 - 3rd Zone (The Foundry)

22:35 - 4th Zone (The Factory)

33:53 - 5th Zone (The Air Center)

44:14 - 6th Zone (The Power Plant)

51:37 - 7th Zone (The Biolab)

58:42 - 8th Zone (The Goddess Shrine)

01:06:16 - 9th Zone (The Stairway)

01:08:56 - 10th Zone (The Greenhouse)

01:17:19 - 11th Zone (The Thermafrost)

01:27:32 - 12th Zone (The Top)

01:37:53 - Epilogue

01:39:27 - 13th Zone (Super Player Ending)

A few things about the run:

- "IL" in the title stands for "Individual Levels", which means this is a segmented run. While I did want to upload each stage by stage, there is no way to disable checkpoints, so I had no choice but to segment attempts between checkpoints instead.

- I would've loved to do a proper speedrun, but there's no way at the moment to practice any part of the game individually. Cycles are also unique for first attempt and checkpoint attempt.

- This was my second playthrough, so don't expect crazy parkour or high optimization, even though it's segmented. I just wanted to upload a "clean" run that might also help those that struggle with certain parts, given how challenging this game is.

- The first save file was my blind playthrough in case you wondered.

- When I call it the hardest Platformer, I mean with full control of your character. So auto runners such as Geometry Dash and Super Meat Boy Forever don't count.

DLCs and user made content of different platformers also aren't included.

- There will be bloopers due to the nature of the highly segmented playthrough.

Looks like I missed 12-5, sorry! You can find it separately here:

Enjoy and good luck!

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