Cat Goes Fishing - How to Catch New Dragon

Cat Goes Fishing - How to Catch New Dragon

Cat Goes Fishing - How to Catch New Dragon image 0

In this guide you can find info about how to catch new dragon and takes Mamo's egg.

How To Catch New Dragon

Step 1: Sonar

  • Turn it off.
  • It will be useless here.
  • It will make Dragon ♥ off from you.
  • And sonar won't work in deep water anyway...

Step 2: What You Will Need

  • Fishing rod (better be strong and have a sinker)
  • Boat
  • Turned off sonar (pretty sure you know it already)
  • Dragon
  • Knowledge, where is Mamo
  • Mamo's egg (c'ya in step 3)

Step 3: Mamo And Her Egg

You will need to locate Mamo's cave. It is near the end of the map (but not at the very end).

I have to say that this is fast and strong fish and she will ♥ your hook up immediately after seeing it.

So after finding her be ready for a little "jumpscare".

And you will ask: "Why I will need aт egg?"

Because Dragon loves eggs. Or better: he loves eat them.

Step 4: Luring Dragon To Mamo

Why we doing this? Cuz like I said: Dragon eats eggs. And Mamo is afraid of dragon so when you will come to her with him she will not even touch you (but ♥ will try) Doing this is not that bad, because dragon is not too fast in case of following you. But of course he can eat you bait, so you need to be a little bit tricky here. When Mamo is being scared, you take the egg and escaping. 

Step 5: After Getting An Egg

After getting an egg you should get out of the cave as fast as it possible. Why? Because Dragon will not just take it and be good boy. He will try to take egg for himself (mebye). That's why better way is get the ♥ off the cave and let dragon grab it on open space. After this be ready for a little fight.

Step X: Important Things

Bait can be small, medium or big. No differences in here. No hook needed. I recommend to have a light. You catch the egg like a fish. I guess that is logical how you get it.


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