Repair Bench Compendium


There are many parts available when wandering around barns and the junkyard that can be picked up for a bargain; but can those parts be repaired? Knowing what can or can't be repaired can make the difference in picking up major parts and restoring them at a fraction of the store purchase price. Very useful when restoring that prize vehicle you've been working on.

This guide is primarily made up of two lists: parts that can be repaired and, secondly, parts that cannot be repaired. Knowing what parts are on what list can make the difference on whether you pick up something that has low condition that can be repaired or whether you leave it unless it is in good condition.

As in CMS2018, items have to have at least 15% condition before it can be repaired; so there is no value in picking up any part that is under 15% whether on the repairable list or not.

In order to repair parts you need to have unlocked the Renovator ability and have purchased the work bench once you have expanded the workshop. Each level of the Renovator ability opens up more repairable parts as all parts are levelled. To begin repairing body parts you need to reach level 6 of the Renovator ability and have purchased the body repair station.

Brake Discs and Batteries are not repaired at the Repair Bench but at the Brake Lathe and Battery Charger respectively which is purchased through the Workshop after the workshop has been expanded (Charger can be purchased before the garage expansion). Unlike the Repair Bench, it doesn't cost any money to repair the brakes and recharge the batteries.

The higher the level of the Renovator ability, the greater the chance to repair the part completely. At level 6 the chance is 60%.

When repairing, the repair sweet spot (green bars) are best to be attempted when they are on the ends. This effectively doubles their size as the cursor runs through them and then returns back. If the placement of bars are not advantageous you can cancel the repair and try again.

These lists are not yet complete and will be updated as I come across the different parts. Exceptions are listed in brackets. If you come across any errors, please mention them in the comments.

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Parts That CAN Be Repaired


Air Filter Base; Air Filter Cover (only the basic, not the specific ones)

Bottom Fan Housing

Camshaft (except (V8 OHV F))


Clip A; Clip B

Crankshaft; Crankshaft Bearing Cap

Engine Block; Engine Head; Engine Head Cover

Exhaust Manifold

Front End Housing

Fuel Pump; Fuel Rail

Head Cover

Intake Manifold

Oil Pan

Power Steering

Radiator; Radiator Fan

Rod Cap

Round Air Filter Base; Round Air Filter Cover

Small Intercooler

Supercharger; Supercharger Intake Manifold



Timing Cover

Turbo; Turbocharger


Bottom Suspension Arm

Coil Spring Rear Drive Axle

Front Axle Knuckle Cover

Front Drive Axle; Front Drive Shaft

Front Steering Knuckle; Front Wheel Hub

Front Suspension Crossmember

Leaf Spring; Leaf Spring Plate; Leaf Spring U-Bolt; Leaf Spring Rear Drive Axle

Lower Suspension Arm

Rear Axle Knuckle Cover; Rear Axle Knuckle Housing

Rear Drive Axle

Rear Suspension Arm

Rear Suspension Crossmember

Rear Suspension Upper Arm

Rear Wheel Hub

Solid Rear Drive Axle; Solid Axle Control Arm

Spring Cap

Steering Rack

Upper Suspension Arm


Brake Caliper; Brake Caliper Cylinder

Brake Disc; Brake Disc Ventilated (through the Brake lathe purchased in the workshop)

Brake Servo; Brake Shoe

Drum Brake CylinderEXHAUST

No exhaust parts are repairable except Exhaust Manifolds which are listed under ENGINE.


Clutch Plate

Drive Shaft

Flywheel Cover

Front Drive Shaft


ABS Module; ABS Pump


Battery (through the Battery charger purchased in the workshop)


EV Battery Module

Fuse Box Base; Fuse Box Cover

Ignition Coil B (other Ignition Coils are not repairable)

Ignition Distributor Cap; Ignition Distributor Rotor


All Rims are repairable


No Tires are repairable



Engine Cover

Front Bumper; Rear Bumper

Front Right Door; Front Left Door; Rear Right Door; Rear Left Door

Front Right Fender; Front Left Fender


Right Side Mirror; Left Side MirrorNUMBER PLATES

No Number Plates are repairable


No Seats are repairable


No Steering Wheels are repairable

Parts That CANNOT Be Repaired


Air Filter; Air Filter Base; Air Filter Cover (Except for the basic Air Filter Base & Cover)


Belt Tensioner

Cam Gear

Camshaft (V8 OHV F) only - all other Camshafts are repairable

Camshaft Bearing; Camshaft Cap

Crankshaft Pulley

Fuel Filter

Fuel Tank

Idler Roller A; Idler Roller B

Oil Filter

Piston Rings; Piston with Conrod

Rocker Arm

Round Air Filter; Scoop Air Filter

Serpentine Belt; Supercharger Serpentine Belt

Supercharger Water Pump Pulley

Timing Belt; Timing Chain; Timing Chain Shoe

Valve Push Rod

Water Pump PulleySUSPENSION

Double Wishbone Shock Absorber; Double Wishbone Shock Absorber Rear

Front Shock Absorber; Front Shock Absorber Cap; Front Spring

Front Sway Bar

Rear Shock Absorber; Rear Shock Absorber Cap; Rear Spring

Rear Sway Bar

Rubber Bushing; Small Rubber Bushing

Sway Bar Front End Link; Sway Bar Rear End Link

Inner Tie Rod; Outer Tie Rod

Wheel Hub Bearing; Wheel Hub CapBRAKES

Brake Drum


Catalytic Converter

Exhaust Pipe

Front Exhaust Pipe

Front Exhaust Section

Middle Muffler

Rear MufflerGEARBOX

Clutch Pressure Plate

Clutch Release Bearing

Final Drive Gear


Gearbox Input Shaft




Ignition Coil (except Ignition Coil B)

Ignition Distributor

Ignition Wires

Medium Fuse


Spark PlugRIMS

All Rims are repairable


All Tires are not repairable


Front Right Door Window; Front Left Door Window; Rear Right Door Window; Rear Left Door Window

Rear Right Side Window; Rear Left Side Window

Rear Window


Right Headlight; Left Headlight

Right Tail Light; Left Tail LightLICENCE PLATE

All Licence Plates are not repairable


All Seats are not repairable


All Steering Wheels are not repairable

Postface & Log

Currently these lists represent the base game and current DLCs. Mods may have their own idiosyncrasies as mod authors may have used slots for unique modelled parts that may or may not be repairable. These items will generally be in the Body Parts section. I do use a lot of mods so I will add them as I come across them.

When I have tested and checked a greater number of the parts in the game and have filled out my speadsheet a lot more, I will look at adding a link to a Google Sheets file that contains all of the parts in the game and holds further useful information that can be downloaded.

Again, if this guide has been useful to you, please consider rating it with a thumbs up so that others may come across it.


16 Sept 21: Added items to Fixable list

12 Sept 21: Initial upload


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