Max out ECU/Carburetor in as little as 2 minutes

Max out ECU/Carburetor in as little as 2 minutes

Explanation Of Game Mechanics

Max out ECU/Carburetor in as little as 2 minutes image 1

As you can see from the screenshot, the tuning interface consists of 6 bars, each with their own add/subtract buttons. Each bar has a total of 8 possible levels, and the bars will "loop around" when added over their max, or subtracted below their min. Whenever you add to one bar, it will subtract from all other bars, and vice-versa for subtraction.


Sometimes you may have fewer bars, or possibly even more, I'm going to write the guide for 6 bars (and my old guide, linked in the other sections) is written for 4 bars; the number of bars don't matter, it's just a matter of maxing out all of the bars except the last one.

Step 1: Max Out The First 5 Bars

Max out ECU/Carburetor in as little as 2 minutes image 6

You can probably figure out how to do this on your own, but see my old guide from CMS 2015; the mechanics (hah) are the same.


Go from left to right, focus on lining up the first 2 bars, then the first 3, then the first 4, and so on.

Once your interface looks like this, go to step 2

Step 2: Do This One Weird Trick Until Everything Is Maxed

Follow these steps exactly, and eventually everything will get maxed out. It may take a couple tries (no more than a dozen, usually much less) but mathematically this is guaranteed to work.

Okay; here are the steps:

1. Subtract 1 from each of the first 5 bars. The bars will look crazy and random, that's expected

2. Subtract 1 from the final bar until the first 5 bars are maxed out again; the last bar will be at a completely different level, sometimes higher, sometimes lower

3. Repeat from step 1 until all 6 bars are maxed out

It will look like you're completely wrecking your progress and just going at random, but it will work.

If the steps aren't clear, you can look at this guide I made for CMS 2015, which is a lot more detailed; the method is the same.


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