How to Change CMS21 in game Logo


Here is how I figure how to change the in game garage logo:

First, I created my signs that I want to use (using Paint 3D, Utility that comes with Windows).

Then once thats done ,I went to Steam Workshop selected the ***Category*** selections:

Then selected *** Texture Packs ***

-I used ***Real Car Brands*** pak but you decide which one you desire

-Go to your download CMS21 files location :

Mine is at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\1190000\2583571396\Textures

Yours might be different ,my game is setup on C : drive and the pack I downloaded is the *** Real Car Brands Pak*** (2583571396)

From there I would suggest loading the pak into your game. Use the *** ladder *** the one sitting on the left side from the entrance to your workshop.

Then take a look at where all the signs from the pak, you decided to download, are located on the walls.

From there leave the game, go back to your Pak location, select the picture you want to replace ,open it with Paint 3D (or the program you are using for pictures editing)

Paint 3D can be overwhelming but a great tool. I am not an expert,so bare with me.

With Paint 3D I use ***Stickers*** option (top of windows) then select ***add sticker*** on the right ,go to the location of your signs, the one you have created and like to see into the game.

Select the desire pictures,then try/strech to cover the existing picture with yours.

once the picture is covering but not going over,the picture pak, safe your work.

ps. This isnt the best way and havent figure out where the actual ingame logos are located at.

So if you have to verify check files integrity or the game is having a patch.

You will have to create a backup file from that pak with your changes. Because they will be overwritten by those actions.

Then you will need to copy paste that back up file into that texture pak.(everytime)

Hope you enjoy and have alot of fun doing it...


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