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Hello, everyone! Here I will be posting info about game that I think would be interesting. In the future I would adjust this guide to include everything I have found. Leave comments if you feel like it.

Car Weight

Name Of The CarWeight (kg)

Here is a table with all cars in the game and their weight. I am not sure if I missed something while getting info, like if there is variable in the weight or smth. Pretty sure that is the weight property that you can find in the config files.

Atom 3301610Atom Renton1220Autotutto Lavetino995Bolt Atlanta1699Bolt Atlanta Trespasser1800Bolt Atlanta F-Mill1600Bolt Atlanta Supercharged1699Bolt Cape1969Bolt Cape F-Mill1870Bolt Cape Supercharged1969Bolt Cape Mk71839Bolt Cargo2540Bolt Cargo EXPRESS2540Bolt Chapman1587.573Bolt Chapman F-Mill1587.573Bolt Hornet1572Bolthorn Grand Mojave2000Bolthorn Grand Mojave Storm1900Bolt Mosquito MK51769Bolt Mosquito MK61671Bolt Reptilia1500Bolt Reptilia S1450Bolt Reptilia D\R1500Bolt Reptilia R21435Bolt Reptilia R2 SUPERCHARGED1435Bolt Rollett1443Bolt Rollett F-Mill1420Bolt Supernova1320Castor Avalanche1685Chieftain Bandit1640Chieftain Bandit Shiv1600Chieftain TBX1590Chieftain TBX 2C1500DC Typhoon1068Delray Custom1500Delray Custom FURY1500Delray Highroad2100Delray Winchester2009Echos Cobra1556Echos Cobra VENOM1556Echos Imperator1739Echos Imperator MOMPA EDITION1739Edgewood Hellcat1242Edgewood Hellcat D\R1242Edgewood Wildcat1200Elenti Callope1080Elenti Callope BONTROPE1080Elenti Izi1454Emden Jager890Emden Jager TG890Emden Lotz1295Emden Lotz GT1295FMW Panther MK21450FMW Panther MK2 Performance1450FMW Panther MK11270FMW Panther MK1 Performance1270FMW Roadster1235FMW Roadster Sport1295FMW Sentinel1790FMW Sentinel Sport1790FMW Sentinel Performance1850Griffin Tyro1250Hinata Kagura SX1400Hinata Kagura SX OVE1400Hinata Moon1707Hinata Moon Mangetsu1707Hinata Moon MK11395Hinata Moon MK1 SUN RISE1395Jaguar E-Type1120Jaguar F-Type R1650Jaguar XJ2201470Jaguar XJS1790Katagiri Katsumoto1100Katagiri Katsumoto xTEK1050Katagiri Tamago925Katagiri Tamago xTEK925Lacroix Fret1535Lacroix Fret Voyage1555Luxor Baronne1959Luxor Bowen2110Luxor Bowen ROADCRUISER2110Luxor Goldtrail2110Mayen M31470Mayen M3 AWD1570Mayen M61980Mayen M81460Mayen M8 R1400Mioveni Urs1280Morena Bizzarini1625Morena Bizzarini Spettacolo1625Nissan 240z1075Nissan 370z1466Nissan GTR1750Nissan S15 Silvia1320Olsen Grand Club1804Olsen GTR1735Olsen GTR AMC1735Ribbsan Starline1540Ribbsan Starline MISO1420Ribbsan Z5301525Ribbsan Z530 F SPEC1525Rino Bianco1030Rino Bianco ECO TURBO980Rino Piccolo1105Rino Piccolo ECOTEC1050Royale Crown1610Royale Town1150Royale Town LITE1200Sakura GT201125Sakura Supa1642Sakura Supa ZJX1642Sakura Takumi1020Sakura Takumi VELIN1020Sakura Yaro1105Salem 15001460.567Salem 1500 XL1500Salem Earthquake2500Salem Earthquake Rex2500Salem Flamo914Salem Flamo 6B914Salem GW5001599Salem Kieran1118Salem Kieran FWD Turbo1118Salem Overking1777Salem Spectre1641Salem Spectre SR1641Salem Spectre Fastback1321Salem Spectre Fastback 5001321Salem Spectre Fastback ZZ1321Sceo LX5501836Sceo LX550 S1836Sceo LX550 SC1836Sixon Cebulion1424Sixon Cebulion QP1424Tempest Magnum1780Tempest Magnum SC5501780Tempest Magnum Fullface Proto1600Vallsen 20401335Zephyr L-Series2045

Cars Performance

Here I will post my findings of cars and how their engine perform and some of my own opinion about cars overall.

P.S. Tuned means that all car parts that are available for performance boost are used. No parts are upgraded. For the Power/Weight (p/w/) ratio the tuned version of the engine is used.

Elenti Callope Bontrope

Originally posted by CMS2021 wiki: The Elenti Callope Bontrope is a variant of the Elenti Callope in the CMS2021, this variant was introduced in the CMS2021. The Callope is based on the Renault Clio V6 Renault Sport introduced in 2001.

Engine - V6 DOHC AKZ.

Engine Performance

PowerTorque Stock 264 312 Tuned 440 482

Weight - 1080 kg.

Power/Weight ratio - 41% (0,4071).


This car has one of the lowest weight values in the game. Combined with a power of 440 h.p., this car is capable of doing 1:20 on the race track. I was able to do ~1:22 on the track without any transmission tuning. Because this car is RWD, you can drift on it (sometimes drift helps in turns).

Salem Spectre

Originally posted by CMS2021 wiki: The Salem Spectre is the standard model of one of the playable vehicles on the CMS2021, it was introduced in the CMS2014, but then was called Vulcan Spectre, it appears again in the CMS2015 and CMS2018 now with the name of Salem Spectre. The Spectre is based on the fifth generation of the Ford Mustang, introduced in 2005.

Engine - V8 DOHC Supercharged (swapped).

Engine Performance

PowerTorque Stock 703 868 Tuned 1436 1757

Weight - 1641 kg.

Power/Weight ratio - 88% (0,8751).


In my opinion, any car with this engine is only for drag and speed records as it is too powerful for race track. With such high power/weight ratio it begs for a speed record. I got a 508 km/h after some little tweaking of gears.

Katagiri Tamago

Originally posted by CMS2021 wiki: The Katagiri Tamago is the standard model of one of the playable vehicles on the CMS2021, it was introduced along with its variants on the CMS2021. The Tamago is based on the sixth generation of the Honda Civic Hatchback introduced in 1991.

Engine - I4 DOHC BFM (swapped).

Engine Performance

PowerTorque Stock 279 380 Tuned 454 588

Weight - 925 kg.

Power/Weight ratio - 49% (0,4908).


One of the best if not the best car for a race track. With its low weight, high p/w ratio and decent engine power it is easy to get 1:18 on the race track (with right gear settings, of course). The X-TEK version of this car might be better but I haven't got it yet. I will update this post after I test the X-TEK version.

Salme Flamo 6B

Originally posted by CMS2021 wiki: The Salem Flamo 6B is a variant of the Salem Flamo in the CMS2021, this variant was introduced in the CMS2018. The Flamo is based on the Ford Pinto introduced in 1970. The Flamo 6B is based on the 1974 redesign, made to meet the requirements of federal regulations regarding bumper format to minimize pedestrian injury in case of running over.

Engine - I6 DOHC.

Engine Performance

PowerTorque Stock 151 180 Tuned 187 218

Weight - 914 kg.

Power/Weight ratio - 21% (0,2046).


Numbers say everything themselves. It looks like it is slow - it is slow. But it could be interesting for somebody to try to squeeze everything possible from this car to get the best results. For example, I noticed that changing gears on this car slows it dramatically. So you need to stay focused on revs to get the highest results. Or spend time tuning gears.

Current Status

Right now I am looking for an formula for engine power for each car. Please post info in comments if you know something about it, I will add it in my guide.

While at it, I will try to write down all info about cars I can find.


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