Reinforcements Modders Mod Guide.

What Is The Purpose Of This Guide?

This Guide aims to highlight the customise-able features of the Reinforcements mods to allow you to tweak them to suit your own mission creations. I hope it will also act as a hub to share and express ideas.


Note: I certainly don't claim to be a Youtube extraordinaire. I simply use the platform to share ideas and knowledge. So forgive my unprofessional presentation.

Placing The Mission File On An Existing Map.

This video looks at the process for placing the mission file onto an existing map.

It also discusses waypoints and spawnpoints.

Reinforcement Button Variables

This video explores how to edit when and which reinforcement buttons are available at any time using a system based on values of variables.

Merging Two Mission Files Together

Here is a video which illustrates the process of merging two mission files together. It's for CTA but the principle is the same.

I hope to find the time and motivation to make a more specific tutorial soon, but for now...

This video is from the CTA guide "Creating Editor Buildings"


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