How to change your map in conquest

How to change your map in conquest


So, you are playing conquest and the game put that one map before you that you really can't stand. Or maybe its just the same map you've got for the last 5 battles and you are just a bit bored of that one. Now you want to change it, and here is how that works:

What you need:

• 7zip (freeware), or anything else that lets you manipulate archives

• A text editor. Notepad will do, I recomend notepad++ (also freeware), has a better search functi


Step 1 : Open Your Save Game

How to change your map in conquest image 7

Open save game with 7zip. You can find it here.

%userprofile%\Documents\My Games\gates of hell\profiles

There is a subfolder with your ID, and below that a campaign folder. Locate the right .sav file and open it with 7zip. That should look like that

Open the 'status' file with a text editor

Step 2 : Pick A Map Point To Change

To find the available map points simply search for

{map "multi/dcg

This will find something like this here:

These are the maps that are currently available in your conquest. All map points that are not available for battle this turn are not yet defined. That means for a defensive battle there will only be one map.
Pick the one you want to change.

The map points look like this here and only three entries need to be changed here

Step 3 : Pick your new map
Navigate to your installation folder, open the

steamapps\common\Call to Arms - Gates of Hell\resource\map.pak

again with 7zip and move further to


There you'll find a list of all available maps (the one starting with dcg_ are relevant for us DynamicCampaiGn maybe).

Pick one of your liking and put the name under map

E.g. you want to have Pinsk instead of Barrikady make that line

{map "multi/dcg_pinsk:campaign_capture_the_flag:4x4"}

Step 4 : Adjust 'landscape' And 'texmod'

How to change your map in conquest image 16
How to change your map in conquest image 17

To do this properly you need to adjust the two entries landscape and texmod.

Texmod defines what textures your units will get for this battle, eg. winter, desert or camo.

No idea what landscape does, but I know where you can find what to put there.

Open the map directory (in our example dcg_pinsk) and open the file named

Copy the entries for 'landscape' and 'texmod' over to the map point definition in the status file.

Step 5 : Save It

How to change your map in conquest image 25

Save the status file, and close the editor.

Only after the editor has been closed you will get a popup message asking you if you want to check in the changed file to the archive.

Confirm that.

If you don't get this message it didn't work (at least thats how it is with 7zip).

Thats it, you're done.


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