Potential insiders of COD 2024 content

Potential insiders of COD 2024 content


First of all, the following should be noted:

a significant part of the information was obtained from the Warzone Mobile client, when it was still at the stage of regional testing

another part of the information was obtained from the Modern Warfare III (2023) client, with its recent update

some of the content may not appear on the release

some of this content may not appear at all for unknown reasons

some of the content may have a different name from the one listed below


@Legitmategamerz - for Black Ops Gulf War logo which is based on the leak of the new black ops logo

@Vondyispog - for compiling all available data about COD 2024


Assault Rifles

Colt Model 723In-game name: M4-SWith a smaller magazine than its counterparts, the M4-S provides quicker shots with less recoil and better accuracy.AK-74In-game name: Kastov 74Best in class range, highly accurate, power trade-off.CETME Model LIn-game name: Krig CFull-auto assault rifle. Improved damage and accuracy. Excellent weapon control with slightly faster reload speedsAS ValIn-game name: VAP 9Chambered in subsonic 9x39mm and integrally suppressed, the AS VAL is a powerhouse built for stealth, accuracy, and penetration. This weapon will excel in the hands of an operator able to control heavy recoil and a high rate of fireM16A2In-game name: M163-round burst assault rifle. Excellent burst fire accuracy when aiming down sights, and high damage in short range encountersL85A1In-game name: SA87Fully automatic bullpup assault rifle. Lower rate of fire and 5.56mm ammunition keeps this rifle stable and effective at long rangesAR-18In-game name: FTAC LightGood damage and range, less opportunity for successive fireMendoza RM-2In-game name: R-2Light machine gun rebuilt for fast-fire ballisticsSAR-80In-game name: SR-8Lightweight carbine ideal for CQC encounters

Battle Rifles

SG 542In-game name: Lienna 57This compact ARis capable of high accuracy during sustained fire at short to medium rangesCETME Model CIn-game name: C58Full-auto assault rifle. High damage at close range with a slower fire rate. Fast bullet velocity and reliable recoil control with less ammo capacityFN FALIn-game name: TAQ-FSemi-automatic battle rifle with a high rate of fire for faster follow up shotsAEK-973In-game name: Kastov 73Designed with a unique recoil system and chambered in 5.45x39mm, the Kastov 73 features a high rate of fire best used at close to mid range

Submachine Guns

Gepard PDWIn-game name: Kastov-MA highly modified Kastov-74u, the Kastov-M is as small as the Kastov model has ever come in. Perfect for run-and-gun playFAMAE SAFIn-game name: Raptor-9Small, compact Submachine Gun with no stock. Hard to control recoil, but very high rate of fire and hip-fire accuracy.MP5In-game name: Lachmann SubFull-auto submachine gun. Fast fire rate with low recoil. Good visibility and control while firingSR-2 VereskIn-game name: VAP 2Russian compact SMG with special gas-operated mechanics usually reserved for assault riflesIMBEL MD1In-game name: MD-97LThis weapon is a compact, semi-automatic version of the TAQ-F. This weapon offers a faster rate of fire and is more accurateGrendel R31In-game name: VCARPortable, light weight carbineSR3 VIKHRIn-game name: VAP 3A compact, full-auto russian carbinePP-90In-game name: FMG99mm close to mid-range folding submachine gun with moderate recoil and high rate of fireColt Model 635In-game name: AMR9A fully automatic submachine gun chambered in 9mm, the AMR9 is a go-to for operatives who prefer to shred the competition from close to mid-range


Mossberg 500In-game name: M500Standard shotgun ideal for short-range combat. A high-projectile spread makes up for its lower accuracy at long rangeBullpup Mossberg 500In-game name: OCP500Bullpup shotgun ideal for mid-range combatUSAS 12In-game name: Roku 360Gas-operated, combat shotgun capable of fully automatic 12 gauge fire. Bulky, heavy and powerfulRottweil Skeet Olympia 72In-game name: OlympiaDouble-barrel over/under shotgun. Effective at medium to close rangeRemington 11In-game name: Super SportThis semi-auto shotgun does a lot of damage with a fast rate of fire


AR-10In-game name: LRC-308A 60 round magazine, combined with high damage and an incredible rate of fire turn this weapon into a machine of destruction.PU-21In-game name: IP 545High capacity, high damage light machine gunKSP-58In-game name: SAW-HFiring the heavier 7.65x51mm cartridge and belt-fed with a 100 round capacity.KSP-58DIn-game name: SAW-LBeing a variant of the SAW-H, the SAW-L has an advantage for close range combat with its fast firing rate and light handling

Marksman Rifles

M16 Mk12 SPRIn-game name: MK-18A rifle of choice for marksmen that are quick on their feetIMI RomatIn-game name: CAMRSCustomizable semi-automatic long range designated marksman rifle, deals high damageVSS VintorezIn-game name: VAP-MThe iteration of the classic marksman rifle features dual fire modes and a powerful integrated suppressor, making it the perfect weapon for clandestine operationsAEK-971In-game name: Kastov 97The Kastov 97's 3-round burst makes it excellent in close quarters but difficult to control. Shooters should switch to Semi-Automatic for longer rangesSR-25In-game name: Tempus TorrentThis hard-hitting DMR from the Tempus Armament offers the versatility of the M4 Platform and the velocity and impact of 7.62 rounds. A patient hand and keen eye will result in on-target shots and quick killsSG-550In-game name: Lienna 550This accurized rifle has a refined two-stage trigger

Sniper Rifles

DragunovIn-game name: Kastov-MA Soviet workhorse chambered in 7.62mm x 54mmR. This gas-operated semi-automatic sniper rifle allows for rapid followup shotsPGM Ultima RatioIn-game name: Ratio-PLong-range sniper rifle. It is designed to provide accurate long-range fire against enemy personnel and unarmored targetsPGM Hecate IIIn-game name: Ratio-HLong-range anti-material rifle. Designed to disable armored targets at extreme rangesL96A1In-game name: LW3 - TundraBolt-action sniper rifle. High damage with moderate sway. 1-shot kill to the head, upper-chest, and shoulders


USP-9In-game name: Lach-9Semi-automatic with medium capacity and power. Effective at close rangeUSP-45In-game name: Lach-45.40 caliber semi-automatic pistol that has a low recoil, best used in mid-range combatMakarovIn-game name: SykovA dependable fallback in close quarters, this double-action/single-action sidearm comes with a few custom gunsmith mods that make it an outstanding addition to any arsenalStetchkin APSIn-game name: GP13 AutoSelect-fire machine pistol ideal for panic firingGrendel P30In-game name: Lach-30Sleek design and simple handling makes it easy to carry as the heat comes downFive-SevenIn-game name: TAQ HandheldSemi-automatic pistol. Versatile and strong overall with a large magazineBeretta M9In-game name: DianolliSemi-automatic. Well-rounded combination of ammo capacity, range, damage and recoil.


M72 LAWIn-game name: LAWThe Light Anti-Tank Weapon is a portable single shot anti-tank system that fires 66mm unguided rockets. The warhead can inflict serious damage to heavy duty vehiclesPanzerfaust 3In-game name: PanzerfuastFree-fire shoulder mounted rocket launcherFIM-92 StingerIn-game name: StingerFree-fire rocket launcher than can be detonated mid-flight


Hunting Knife

Scout Knife

Breaching Tool


Ante UpStart each life with +200 points towards scorestreaksBattle HardenedReduce the effect of enemy Flash, Stun, EMP Grenades, and Shock Sticks. Immune to Proximity AlarmsBomb SquadTake reduced damage from non-Scorestreak explosives. Reset fuze timers when picking up live grenadesBounty HunterEarn extra score towards your scorestreaks by killing enemies with bounties. Enemies get a bounty every time they kill three players in a lifeCold-BloodedAI-controlled Scorestreaks will not target you, and player-controlled Scorestreaks will not highlight you. Show up cold on Thermal. You do not trigger Operative or High AlertDexterityMantle faster. ADS while sliding and diving. Take less fall damageDouble TimeIncrease Tac Sprint duration and reduces refresh timeFast HandsReload, use equipment, and swap weapons fasterFocusReduce flinch when aiming down sights and extend Hold Breath durationFlexDelay triggered explosives while sprinting, warns of nearby enemy equipment, and reduce combat noiseGhostUndetectable by enemy Spy Planes whenever you are moving, planting or defusing bombs, or controlling ScorestreaksGrave RobberScrap dropped guns to get extra attachments and ammoHardlineReduce scorestreak cost by 125 pointsHeavy MetalNo descriptionHuntmasterNo descriptionHustleMove faster while crouched, prone, or downedNinjaMove silently. Reduces the effectiveness of enemy Intel perksOperativeWhen you respawn, enemies briefly appear through walls. Edge of HUD pulses for enemies outside your view. Leave no death skullsOverclockStore an additional Field Upgrade charge. Increase Field Upgrade charge rate by 40%OverkillCarry two primary weaponsPrimedAccuracy and time to aim down sight is improved while jumpingQuick FixKilling players immediately triggers health regeneration. Capturing and holding objectives increases health regeneration rateRestockRecharge equipment over 25 secondsScavengerReplenish ammo from dead playersShrapnelSpawn with an extra piece of lethal equipment. Explosive damage delays enemy health regenerationSpotterSpot enemy equipment, Field Upgrades, and Killstreaks through walls. Aiming down sights highlights them for the team. Hack enemy IED’s, Landmines, C4, and Trophy SystemsStalkerIncreased strafe and ADS movement speedSurvivorOn death, enter Last Stand with the ability to self-revive once per life. Teammates can revive downed players faster.Strong ArmThrow equipment farther and see a preview of the trajectoryUnderkillReplace primary with any secondary not in use


Tactical equipment:Shock Stick

Proximity Alarm - Tactical ground-based sensor that detects enemy movement within its radius


EMP Grenade


Smoke Grenade

Stun Grenade

Tactical Insertion - Drop-zone beacon that allows you to place your next spawn point

Adrenaline Shot - Reusable stimulant that initiates healing immediately

Spotter Scanner - Spot and mark enemies from a distance

Lethal equipment:C4

IED - Improvised proximity explosive device that sticks to any surface. Arms shortly after deployment

Impact Grenade


Frag Grenade

Cluster Grenade



Combat Axe

Drill Charge

Thermobaric Grenade

Field Upgrades

80 secondsTrophy systemDestroys thrown enemy equipment and launcher missiles within 10 meters120 secondsGas mineProximity activated trap that expels a large cloud of harmful gas. Enemies inside are damaged and disoriented120 secondsLandmineThrowable mine, explodes shortly after an enemy runs or drives over it. Can be avoided by crouching. Destroys any vehicle that runs over it120 secondsShieldPortable, rapidly-deployable ballistic cover150 secondsJammerCreates an electronic disruption field, disabling enemy Field Upgrades and degrading enemy minimap. information185 secondsAmmo PackSupply cache containing ammo that gives bonus score for taking down enemies240 secondsRallyInfluence your allies to respawn closer to you240 secondsSpy CamRemote camera view that is toggled on and off360 secondsRevive GunInstantly revive or heal an ally


350RC-XDRemote-controlled car strapped with explosives450Spy PlaneReveal enemy positions through the Fog of War500HoneypotDeploys a fake care package that will detonate upon being picked up by an enemy player550Care PackageAirdrop a random Scorestreak. Crate self-destructs after use600Counter Spy PlaneScramble enemy mini-maps for a short time650Grim ReaperEquip a devastating rocket launcher that fires four high-explosive shells675ArtilleryLaunch three targeted artillery strikes. Unused strikes can be saved for later700Booby TrapThrow down a trap that launches a cluster of small mines within the immediate area upon being triggered by enemy footsteps725Napalm StrikeLaunch a targeted carpet bomb strike of explosive napalm750HandcannonMassive high-caliber revolver that fires devastating rounds with increased bullet penetration800Hellstorm MissileSteer a trio of missiles with boost and air brake controls. Secondary missles auto-fire at painted targets850Sentry TurretDeploy a deadly automated turret that targets enemy players, vehicles, and equipment900War MachineHigh-explosive grenade launcher925Valkyrie RocketLauncher with remote-controlled rockets950Cerberus Mk.0Remote controlled UGV with a powerful airburst turret1000Death MachineDeadly machine gun with high damage rounds that suppress enemies in the line of fire1100NighthawkCall in a bomber that releases a large line of explosives along its path1200Attack ChopperCall in armed support helicopter1300Gas StrikeCover the battlefield with smoke canisters that will weaken the enemy and suffocate any that wander too close1450Chopper GunnerBe the gunner in a close air support helicopter1500H.A.R.P.High-Altitude Reconnaissance Plane that shows both enemy position and direction on the mini-map1750Sniper’s NestCall in the support of 2 heli snipers2000Air PatrolCall in a squadron of jets to attack enemy air Scorestreaks. Counter enemy Air Patrols

30 killsNukeEnd the game with a bang


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