Keeping sanity high

Disabling Voice-Chat

Exposition to CoD Multiplayer is similar to nuclear radiation. You cannot see it; you cannot smell it and you can not taste it. But the long-term effects are severe which is why you need to protect yourself.

One of the most important things that has to be performed right after launching the game is turning off voice-chat and text-chat.

Wherever you are, be it on a shooting range with hearing protection or in a call of duty multiplayer match by disabling VC. Protecting your hearing is vital and will keep your stress levels low during critical moments.

You can find the setting for voice-chat hidden under settings, audio by turning off the voice-chat function there. This will protect your ears from radioactive fallout produced by angry underage squeakers.

Disabling Text-chat

Would you lick the remains of reactor 4 or eat directly from a dumpster or what you find inside public toilets? Obviously not. There is a saying that you become what you consume and there is definitely some truth to it. Which is why the next step is as crucial as it is logical. Turning off text-chat not only will help you to immersive yourself further, it will also prevent you from getting disturbed.

You find this setting hidden under Account & Network.

How To Avoid Cheaters

You cannot. It is sad, but true.

The cheat developing industry is a multimillion-dollar business and there will always be people that will pay for cheats.

The best thing you can do is to not have hard feelings about them.

Always remember that these poor cheating creatures lack everything it takes to properly develop a competitive level of skill.

This mostly comes down to deficits from their early childhood days. Just accept to have them around, since we all know how good they are when their wallhacks and aimbots are turned off.


Just like with nuclear radiation, the toxic effects of CoD Multiplayer can still come through. In event of this happening, you can consider the following things:

Taking a shower

Hugging a loved one

Going outside

Give me a thumps up if this guide helped you and always remember to stay safe out there! Life is good. Also let me know if you think there needs anything added. Suggestions for aftercare are welcome.


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