How to Duplicate after season 2 patch.

MWZ Duplication

1. Make sure bad signal is selected as active contract. If you already have it unlocked, ignore this part. MUST BE SOLO

2. Put the items you want to duplicate in your bag. Start the game.

3. MUST HAVE TOMBSTONE EQUIPED/ Drank it, before proceeding.

4. Goto the bad signal icon and activate the portal once the timer starts, jump into the water.

5. Once air gauge is at RED. Bring up the map and vote yes.

6. Quit the game when black screen appears after portal screen etc.

7. Start up MW3 and your items will be in your bag.

8. FOR REPEAT, after doing the glitch, your tombstone will always spawn at the graveyard, grab your items. You must drink another tombstone if you want to repeat the process.


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