Common Call of Duty problems & solutions List [WZ, MWII, MWIII]


You are free to contribute your results, and specially the fixes that you know of, but PLEASE. Don't send placebo. I am NOT gonna add placebo information into this.

And please, DON'T JUST DO EVERYTHING IN THIS LIST.Do what's related to your problem, and that's it. You have no reason to follow packet burst fixes if you're just trying to fix the game not launching.

Windows+R & copy-pasting should quickly get you to the files down below.

Configuration File location: %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Call of Duty\players

MWII/DMZ = options.3.cod22.cst

MWIII/Warzone = options.4.cod23.cst

Issues are be distributed on the list below like this:

[Season - Games] - STATUS(known if confirmed, unknown otherwise) = Warning if devs acknowledgeDescription


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PS: When the problem affects all games, "Call of Duty" will be used to refer to ALL of them.

That means Warzone/DMZ, MWII, MWIII and any future CODs on this client.

The List


[MWII Launch - Call of Duty] - KNOWNAttempting to PLAY the game in any platform, the game refuses to launch no matter how many times the user attempts to start the game.

Some blacklisted software/app(or false-positive) have been detected/tried to touch do something to the game and Call of Duty will refuse to start until the detected software/app is closed..

You may need to restart your computer.

Unfortunately there's no list of the software readily available anywhere nor communicated by Activision, so YOU have to try whatever you can, if the list below doesn't help.

If this advice doesn't help, I don't know what will, if YOU won't look for the software yourself. This problem is entirely software blacklisting-related.

If you want a better explanation, see this comment.

List of things, software and services that are known(so far) to actively PREVENTS Call of Duty from launching if running/having previously run are:


reWASD (Needs to be uninstalled?) and other Input management software

Cloudflare WARP or any VPN software

OneDrive - Get rid of it or run it once. Recommended getting rid of.If the solution above does not help, the last case scenario solution to this is backing up your config file & deleting it to start fresh and new.

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[MWII Launch - Call of Duty] - KNOWNThe game's RendererWorkerCount in it's config files may be set incorrectly compared to the user's current CPU.

Open your Task Manager and take note of the CPU's name in the Performance tab. Search for it on Google.

Once you get the correct number from the examples below, replace RendererWorkerCount:1.0 = "number" with the number you found:

Intel(newer CPUs): Use the # of Performance-cores that you found.

Intel(older CPUs): Use the Total Cores that you found.

AMD: Use the # of CPU Cores that you found.

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[MWII Season 3 - MWII/DMZ] - KNOWNPlayers with AMD GPUs commonly crash when utilizing the spotter scope in certain situations.

Do not use the spotter scope. Unfortunately this hasn't ever been patched, to my knowledge.

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[MWII Season 5 - MWII/DMZ] - KNOWNPlayers experience a enormous drop in performance in menus/firing range, but run the game perfectly fine during a match.

There is currently no answer to this, as no one knows a solution.

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[MWIII Season 1 - Call of Duty] - KNOWNPlayers with a large amount of VRAM available suffer packet bursts/performance losses and stuttering.

Strangely enough, it might also be some people's reason for packet loss/extrapolation/latency variation warnings.

Lower the VRAM Memory Scale in the game's Graphics settings.

This depends entirely on how much VRAM your GPU has, and COD has no idea what to do with VRAM it isn't using.

It is recommended anyone with any GPU does this.

Just lower it according to how much COD Is actually using in the bar to the right.

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[MWIII Season 2 - Call of Duty] - UNKNOWNSignificantly lower performance for players with certain ReBar-compatible cards. Confirmed on an RX6xxx card.

Go in the game's configuration file, and change the line GPUUploadHeaps:0.0 = "true" to "false".

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[MWIII Season 2 - MWIII/Warzone] - KNOWN = Acknowledged by DevsUsers on AMD GPUs are experienced an increased amount of crashes.

The developers are working on a solution.


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