Cod Bundles Breakdown - Also, how to buy packs that are not available


If you want to buy a pack for say, 2400 cod points here is the best way to do so. Below is a list of all the packs that I have found that cost real money to purchase. Many of these $20 packs include 2400 cod points which would allow you to buy them as well as the additional pack you are looking for. On the left is the name of the pack and on the right is the name of one of the guns in the pack as follows:

Name - Weapon

It is broken up into this format so you can find the packs to buy even when they are not showing up in the shop. In order to access these packs you need to go to one of the guns included in the pack and go to blueprints. Once there while hovering over the blueprint you can see and access the specific pack you want to purchase. You can use this system to find and look at any pack that is not currently in the shops rotation.

P.S.You can also use this method to go through all the stickers and trinkets on guns to get all of the past gift packages.


$20 to buy gives 2400 Cod points ($20 worth)


Cyber Junkie - MTZ-556

Desert Rogue - SO-14

Tech Luxe - Wsp-9

Moto Freak - Rival-9

Trash Talk - Striker-9

Graffiti Tactical - PDSW 528

Pumpkin Patch - Vel 46

Urban Veteran - Bas-P

Demon Deer - FJX Imperium

Emerald Pro Pack - Sva 545

Pro Pack 5 Griffin - Taq-56

Nova 6 - DG-56

Cosmic Traveler - Sakin MG38


$20 No currency (this is a $20 pack that does not include currency)


Knight Recon - MCW


$10 No Currency (this is a $10 pack that does not include currency)


Warrior Pack - Rival-9

Endowment - M16


$10 gives 1100 Cod points ($10 worth - AKA battle pass amount)


Dune Stalker - MCPR-300

Itadakimasu - RPK


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