How to kor?


Gender: Male

Bot Name: Korobot

Store Price: 3,900 coin

Store Description: Assistant platform mover and undefeated prizefighter against the familiars and war machines of Asgard, moving up to the majors.

Released: June 1, 2016

(Beta 2.16)

Damge: 6

Dex: 5

Def: 7

Speed: 4

The name "Kor" most likely derives from the reversed word "rock."

He is a high defense, stone golem legend who uses the Gauntlets and Hammer as his weapons. He can be unlocked for 3900 gold. As a fully rock-based lifeform, Kor has no clothing or armour, but he sports a large alcove in his head's center, which glows with orange energy, acting as Kor's eye. The lack of any physical connection between torso and arm is effectively used in the eternal tournament, allowing Kor to extend his reach and grab opponents from a distance, to then throw them even further. Having a natural affinity with the world around him, he moves the very ground beneath his feet, using his naturally heavy weight and immense strength to fight in the eternal tournament.

As the story goes...

Long ago, Elven sorcerers built a mighty army of golems. The Elven King marched the golem army against Asgard. Bodvar still cries when he remembers that he was not at the battle that ensued. The Elves were defeated and the Asgardians took the golems as spoils of war. They put the golems to work performing the menial labor of Asgard. But unknown to the Asgardians, the golems were sentient creatures and never forgot that they were made for battle.

Ten thousand years later, Sentinel, investigating the hidden places of the city, discovered secret golem fight clubs. In these arenas, the golems shed their quiet, biddable exterior and rekindled the terrifying ferocity of their warrior days.

And everywhere Sentinel heard whispers of the mighty Kor. Kor the Unvanquished, Kor the Destroyer, Kor the Magnificent. Kor, who all those years ago had led the golem charge right to the steps of Odin's palace and matched fists with Thor himself, was now the greatest golem fighter of them all.

Sentinel, political genius that he is, did not reveal himself, but simply left for Kor a hammer engraved with the Asgardian symbol for justice. Soon after, Kor the Golem entered the Grand Tournament wielding his mighty fists and the hammer. His victories inspire the movement for golem justice, though Kor also continues to enjoy his job as assistant platform mover in Blackguard Keep.


Hammer and Gauntlets, not quite hard but not easy weapons for newbie. Both weapons is fun to play, i suggest you to play other legends like scarlet or val


For Gauntlets, you need to learn some basic string like Dlight - Slight - Nair - (GC) Nlight or Dlight - Slight - Nair - (GC) Dlight - (Chd Forward) Rec. And some kill option is great for Gauntlets like Dlight - (Chd Forward) Rec or Dlight - Slight - Rec. You just need to learn some basic stuff with gloves if you need more than that for gauntlets just search some combo on youtube its free and easy to find

Hammer (aka Grapple Hammer)

This weapon is super fun to play (specially with dair and rec). So basically this weapon have very good kill option like Dlight - Sair, Dlight - Nair, Dlight - (Dash jump) Dair or Russian Mafia Dlight - (Jump + Chd Forward) - Rec - Dair. This weapon have alot of true combo so just learn them and go destroy some boi in ranked


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