How to counter spammers

How to counter spammers

Most Commonly Spammed Characters And Moves

The most used characters for spamming (in high and low gold from what ive seen) are:

Orion (Lance and spear)

Ember (bow)

Hattori (Sword and spear)

Ada (Blasters)

Diana (Bow)

Queen Nia (Katars)

The "Helicopter" move, ground pounding when holding a spear in the air or right clicking in the air.


Whether it be his side heavy when on the ground with the lance or the dreaded down heavy with the spear, the best way to avoid Orion is toeither throw your current weapon (if armed) or to jump above them and down light into their back. These will usually work if you time them correctly.


When playing against an Ember, the other person may be likely to start spamming their side heavy when they have the bow and are on the ground. The easiest way to counter this is by dodging thorugh them when they're close and hitting them from the back


Mostly used in the lower ranks, people depend on Hattori's nuetral heavy attack way to much, both spear and sword. Both are mostly used for edge guarding, but is commonly spammed in loosing situations. The best way to get around the sword is to either throw your weapon or dodge backwards. For the spear, get rather close when the nuetral is used and hit them in the back.


Alright, Ada. Ada is very heavy when it comes to signatures, but most of them are close range. Try to stay a distance away from the spammer and constantly interrupt them by throwing items at them while they're mid sig. You can also dodge through every one of her sigs except her down heavy, which is very prolonged. I also recommend trying to get as many hits off as possible (low defense) and finishing her off with a sig or your own.

("sig" is signature, I just got lazy)


Diana is character you want to keep your distance from. Every one of her signatures are for range except for her down heavy. You usually cant dodge through these so you have to stay in the air. I would strongly recommend staying away from the edges due to the heavy damage that can be inflicted if you do get caught in a sig. Not much you can do here though.


Honestly, the down heavy when in the air is extremely annoying and overpowered. My only recomendation is to dodge to the sides and try to distance yourself. Please fix this BlueMammoth.

Queen Nai

Nai has a very damaging nuetral sig. You know, the one where she sucks you into her little vortex, spins, and shoots you out? The best way to counter this is to either jump or dodge upwards out, you can also dodge to the side and hit her from the bottem.


Oh yes, the good old razzle dazzle. With many Kor players you're going to find some people who just insist that "down sig is best combo" and purely use 2 combos. If you find yourself stuck in a fight with a Kor who just wont stop abusing his sigs, use distancing to punish poorely placed signatures. For example, in the gauntlet side sig of you can dodge backwards or upwards out of the way you'll be able to punish very easily and put on some free damage. Down sig with both gauntlets and the hammer are common. Don't dodge towards them when theyre preforming these sigs. I REPEAT! DONT DODGE INTO THEM! I'm not sure why I tend to see this, but people are always seeming to throw themselve into these. If you see down sigs, get above them.

I Dont Play The Game Anymore Lmao

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