how to play

First Step

First, if you just want to try-hard find the meta monkeys in the game at that time, play casual matches with them until an on level then go into ranked and try your heart out. if your just messing around find out what monkeys you like and just find out what pairs well with them. a good way to find meta strats is youtube. the xp system makes it take awhile to level up. i currently believe have over 100 hours on mobile, good luck. {you only gain xp for a monkey if you use it in game same with heros, vip gives you 3x xp]

ECO; eco is passive income every 8 seconds. if you want to win you must eco or use farming strats but that more advanced, to do this you send the opponent balloons the best balloons to eco with is pinks but to start you want to send grouped balloons these are the balloons that dont have spaces in them when you send them. blimps take away eco.

different balloons; there are different balloons that are immune to different attacks,/ purples immune to energy attacks fire lasers ect... then lead /which you need an explosion, fire high heat attacks to destroy, whites /immune to freeze black/ immune to explosions, zebra/ immune to explo and freeze. /ceramic takes 10 damage to kill blimps/ big air balloons that are ceramics but better camo balloons/ only certain towers with certain upgrades can pop, an effect to add onto bloons/ regrow, /this speaks for itself fortified, doubles the health of balloons ddts have camo lead properties. other blimps cant be camo or regrow


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