Why pat fusty is a sex offender


In this post I have delivered today, I shall be explaining why pat fusty is a sex offender. Many times in the bloons universe, pat fusty has been shown time and time again to take advantage of bloons and monkeys alike for his sexual pleasure. His actions in the game of bloons speak most of the filthy crimes he has committed yet he still walks a free monkey. This post will bring pat fusty to justice and finally end his evil ways

The First Reason

Pat fusty’s level 10 ability is probably the biggest offence on this list. Now what is his level 10 ability? I'm glad you asked, pat fusty forcefully grabs a bloon and squeezes it without consent and makes it “bust” open and leak their children all along the bloons track. What pat fusty says while doing this act is also completely insane. “Shhhhhh… Don’t fight it!’ This is completely horrid and nobody should ever be doing this yet pat fusty does this multiple times throughout the game for the player to see with their own eyes, yet pat keeps doing this violating the consent of these balloons without any punishment to be administered.

The Second Reason

Pat fusty’s level 3 ability doesn't go unnoticed either, this big monkey is convincing other poor monkeys who did not do anything wrong, to do their actions faster by shouting at them. These poor monkeys are not consenting to this so pat fusty has to shout at them to force them to do things that they do not want to do. These monkeys can't defend themselves either because pat fusty is a big monkey and if they disobey he will hug them just like the bloons and make them “bust” open, something that they will not consent to either.


This horrid monkey needs to go to monkey jail, we need justice for these poor innocent bloons and monkeys alike. No one is safe from pat fusty and this shows in game in front of the player, yet ninja kiwi has not given pat fusty ANY type of punishment. I hope this post reaches ninja kiwi so that they can finally punish pat fusty and give him the punishment he needs

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2896722923					

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