Ultimate Team-Up Guide


This is a guide focused on completing the Ultimate Team-Up achievement quickly and easily, aimed at less experienced players.


You should play on any Beginner map, and on Easy - Deflation.

Beginner, because the maps are significantly longer and thus easier, and Deflation because it takes only 30 rounds and you don't have to constantly pay attention to the game. On Beginner maps, using a strategy that doesn't require ability usage frees you to do whatever you want while the game is going, only occasionally going back to start on a different map.


Monkey Teams consist of 3 different towers. Only those towers + a Hero can be used to count towards the achievement. Correct Hero usage can patch holes in your Team, popping what your towers won't.

Here's what holes in your team Heroes can patch:

Quincy - Purple, Camo, Zebra

Gwen - Lead, Camo, Zebra (unreliable, but Firestorm clears 59 Camo Lead)

Striker - Lead, Zebra, Purple (Black popping somewhat unreliable)

Obyn - Lead, Camo Lead, Zebra

Psi - Camo, Lead, Zebra

Churchill - Camo, Lead, Purple, Zebra (always pops White, Black only when lv3 active)

Benjamin - Deflation go brrrrrrrr

Ezili - Lead, Camo, Zebra, overall not recommended

Pat - Lead, Zebra, Purple, general damage, overall not recommended

Adora - Lead, Zebra, general damage

Brickell - Lead, Purple, Zebra, Camo (lv3 grants Camo to Boat and Sub before Brickell can pop them)

Etienne - Camo, Purple, Zebra, Camo Lead (gets UCAV for 59 Camo Lead)

Sauda - Camo, Purple, Zebra, Lead (Lead popping only during lv3)


- See Invis Potion patches up holes in Camo defense, use on your strongest tower on r33, r45 and r59 (ensure Lead and Purple popping)

- Pickles greatly improve any tower that deals low base damage

- Gerry's Fire pops Lead and inherits Camo detection if parent tower detects it

- Glue and Maelstrom can quickly help you deal with tight bloons (like the last r55 ceram wave), use Glue as prevention and Maelstrom if you mess up

- Sharpening Stone works great with anything that does Sharp damage (in general, anything that doesn't pop Lead or Frozen)

- Creepy Idol helps with keeping Bloons in range of your towers for a couple more seconds


Now, for Monkey crosspath recommendations. These are not perfect, but are more than enough to beat rounds 30 - 60.

Dart - 024 + 402

Boomer - 240 + 042, needs Camo

Bomb - 024, needs Camo + Black

Tack - 024 + 4xx, needs Camo + Purple

Ice - not recommended as DPS, 420 as support if using a strat that pops Frozen

Glue - not recommended as DPS, 230 as support

Sniper - 024, if Village is a part of your Team, buy 001, buy 024 Sniper under it, sell Village and get 025 since 025 no longer pops Lead, go 230

Sub - 204 + 402

Boat - 402, needs Lead

Ace - 420 / 401 + x3x, needs consistent Camo (if 401) + Lead as x3x isn't fully reliable

Heli - 320

Mortar - 420, needs Camo (023 is inconsistent, unless you use Striker)

Dartling - 032

Wizard - 024 + 031

Super - 203, in general not worth due to high price, needs Purple

Ninja - 401 + 104 + 030

Alch - not recommended as DPS, 3+xx OP as usual

Druid - 204, needs Camo. 014 if used with Obyn, but needs Camo Lead

Spac - 320, use only as leak protection or as r59 Camo Lead defense

Village - 022, really useful as 15% discount from 002 enables you to buy more towers, 020 fixes Camo problems. Correct Hero usage frees you to get 202

Engi - 4xx for general damage, 023 for MOAB damage, x3x pops Lead and removes Camo + Regrow, but unreliable.


Crosspath x3x Engi, 230 drops Foam more often but 032 gives it more pierce.

Use 002 Village if your strat is built on spamming Tier 3's, you can sell it afterwards.

Don't be afraid to sell some of your defenses on 59 to beat Camo Leads. Even if that would leave you to weak to pop the BFB, there's always 040 Boat.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2611001826					

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