The Inventory

How to get more space in the inventory

Hi peeps! Have you ever run into the situation where you want to collect something but your inventory is full? There are different ways to solve such a problem. The first and in most cases best option is to upgrade your inventory and enlarge its space. Just open your inventory by clicking on the little backpack, in the bottom right corner. Now you only have to choose the category you need like for example Gathered Items. In this tab on the left you can see the storage limit per item. And here you can also see a little plus sign. By clicking on it you can expand that limit by spending some coins. Afterwards you should be able to add more to your inventory. But of course as you cannot carry tons of stuff there are still some limitations. If you ever reach that, you can still try to gift the excess items you have to NPCs or sell them at the stores or at the market. We hope this helps if you ever get blocked somewhere because of a surplus of items and a full inventory. Take care!

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