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ㅤ‎‎‎⌞ Player Level

Adapt And OvercomeMaking Dunn ProudMaking Dunn Proud

Reach Player Level 5.

As straightforward as it gets, acquirable through the first couple hours of your Battlefield 2042 playtime. Unlocks one gun; LCMG Light Machine Gun in the process.

Reach Player Level 15.

Coming soon after is the level 15 achievement, attainable in a day or two based on how much of a life you have. Through this level, you'd unlock 2 additional weapons, namely the AK-24 Assault Rifle and SVK Marksman Rifle.

Reach Player Level 25.

Lastly is the level 25 unlock which is a slight disappointment that the game won't let you showcase higher level achievements (in rarity) and is easily acquirable by anyone putting in 3-4 days of game time. Getting yourself to 25 unlocks two new weapons on the way, them being the DXR-1 Sniper Rifle and the GVT 45-70 Utility Weapon.

ㅤ‎‎‎⌞ Squad

Good CompanyThank You, SantaNo-one Gets Left Behind

Earn first place as a squad.

Unlocks through the Solo/Co-op mode if you haven't already unlocked it through Multiplayer. Launch a Conquest game with the BOT difficulty set to Beginner and simply frag, capture and defend out of your mind to unlock the achievement at the end of the round.

Resupply 50 teammates.

No particular setting for this, easily acquirable through regular game time. Progress towards this achievement is also counted for when teammates pick up ammo from over your dead body.

Revive 100 teammates.

Another progressive unlock that need not be set-up to achieve, simply revive members of your squad or play as Maria Falck (specialist) to revive anybody on the battlefield. Play as Falck through a couple games of Breakthrough if you want to speed up the process.

ㅤ‎‎‎⌞ Objective

Dead In Their Tracks!Command And Conquest

Get a quad-kill while defending an objective.

Acquirable through the Solo/Co-op mode of Conquest if you haven't already unlocked it through Multiplayer. Launch a game with the map set to Orbital and AI difficulty set to beginner. As you spawn, get yourself into a tank and drive towards objective B2 as it has great surrounding visibility. Once there, capture the objective and wait for enemies to show up in vehicles. Heavier vehicles tend to have 4 BOTs in them whereas lighter vehicles may only have 3. If lucky, you may get it in your first try, if not just sit around there for a while and you should have the achievement soon enough.

Capture 100 objectives in Conquest.

Another progressive unlock you need not set-up. Simply play objective in situations that call for it and you will have the achievement in under a week. Objectives captured under the Solo/Co-op mode of Conquest also count towards progression of this achievement.

ㅤ‎‎‎⌞ Hazard Zone

Escape ArtistPack RatClean Exit

Successfully extract 25 times in Hazard Zone.

As the description states, extract 25 times in Hazard Zone to unlock this achievement, 'nuff said.

Successfully extract with 50 Data Drives in Hazard Zone.

At the time or writing this guide, the achievement is semi-broken with it being unlocked by simply picking up the data drive and not extracting with it as the descriptions states, exploit it while you can. To answer your question, no, this need not be done in a single round and can be spread across multiple games.

Successfully extract in Hazard Zone without anyone in the squad having died.

Nothing you can do about this except to git gud. You'll need a good coordinated squad because even the AI is quite difficult in this mode. Your whole squad has to survive through the round, meaning if you get killed, it resets the unlock criteria even if you parachute back in and have to try again the next round.

ㅤ‎‎‎⌞ Mastery

Universal SoldierGun MasterWheeled WarriorJack Of All Trades

Earn a T1 Mastery Badge with any Specialist.

T1 or Tier 1 Mastery is a level up system in place for Specialists, Weapons, Gadgets and Vehicles. They possess unlockable conditions of their own, upon completion of which will award you with a badge to showcase on your playercard through each tier.

Conditions for these unlocks can be found under Playercard (bottom right) > Badges > Specialists.

Earn a T1 Mastery Badge with any Weapon.

y is pretty straighforward, simply get 1200 kills with any weapon to unlock the T1 skin, badge and achievement for it. It is important to note that kills made over AI enemies DO NOT count towards progress of this achievement.

Conditions for these unlocks can be found under Playercard > Badges > Weapons.

Earn a T1 Mastery Badge with any Vehicle.

Of the 18 available badges for vehicles, each of them have conditions of their own ranging from vehicles destroyed, to objectives captured, to kills & assists and even teammates spawned.

Find the list under Playercard > Badges > Vehicles and find an unlock category that best fits your playstyle.

Earn a T1 Mastery Badge with any Gadget or Throwable.

Eh, not even going to say it the 4th time, you know the drill.

ㅤ‎‎‎⌞ Specialist

A Bird? A Plane?Going PlacesDoze ThisB Gun's DryDoctor Falck In The HouseHappy Birthday

Wingsuit fly from the Rocket Hangar to the Launch Pad on Orbital.

Real simple, follow these steps. Launch a Solo/Co-op mode on the map Orbital with Beginner level AI. Boot in and select character specialist 'Sundane'. Post the countdown, proceed towards objective A1 which is the skyscraper facing the rocket. Jump off the roof of that building and wingsuit towards the rocket without touching the ground till you get there.

Travel for 1000m in one round with Mackay's Grappling Hook.

Another simple unlock you get playing as Specialist Mackay. Keep spamming the grappling hook ability after each cooldown to get you to the furthest hookable point on land or over props. Ditch vehicles for a round and only travel with the hook and you'll have the achievement before you know it.

Perform 7 kills in one life with Dozer's SOB-8 Ballistic Shield.

Can be quite the challenge in Multiplayer but the easiest run under Solo/Co-op Mode. Simply boot in to any map with Specialist Dozer. Grab a vehicle, make your way around the map till you spot AI on foot, ditch the vehicle, walk up to them with your shield equipped and bash/melee them when you're up close and personal.

NOTE: 7 kills in one life, so avoid getting into a cluster with a lot of AI around.

Inflict 2500 damage in one round while defending objectives using Boris' SG-36 Sentry Gun.

Another Solo/Co-op unlock if you aren't a Boris main. Boot into Orbital with AI difficulty set to beginner. Proceed towards Objective A2 and place the sentry gun in such a way that it faces the rocket straight ahead. Have a repair tool handy and wait for enemy reinforcements to keep coming in. Let the turret do all the work as you continue to repair it in cover or by being prone.

Heal 3000 points of damage within a single round with Falck's S21 Syrette Pistol.

I find this to be an easy Multiplayer unlock under the Breakthrough mode if you focus entirely on on healing since you'll rarely get flanked and killed if you position yourself well. The 200 IQ version of unlocking this achievement is through creating a custom Portal game with active friendly fire and simply shooting and healing AI teammates till you complete 3000 points worth of damage healed.

Call in 15 Loadout Crates as Angel.

An easy 5 minute unlock under Solo/Co-op using Specialist Angel. Boot into any map and equip the Specialist slot (Number 3 by default). Right click to Assign a Drop Point for the the loadout crate and select it. After the cooldown repeat the process 14 more times to unlock the Happy Birthday achievement.

ㅤ‎‎‎⌞ Foot & Vehicles

Squad WiperWar MachineWrecking CrewFoot SoldierBurnoutAerial DestroyerOne Careful Owner

Kill 500 enemy soldiers while not in a Vehicle.

Basic progressive unlock attainable only through Multiplayer sessions, AI kills do not count towards this. Sooner or later you will end up with this achievement and don't really have to look out for it.

Kill 50 enemies while in Vehicles.

Can be grouped with any of the Solo/Co-op achievements if you haven't unlocked in Multiplayer already. Ideal to drive around in a solo session using a Hovercraft and switching seats to get on the machine guns, highly mobile and easy to navigate with.

Destroy 50 vehicles.

If you're not one to be the vehicle destroyer of a Multiplayer session, head on to Solo/Co-op mode with beginner AI and absolutely demolish every vehicle in front of you with a Tank.

Travel 25 km without using vehicles.

Run Forrest, run!

Travel 15km using ground vehicles.

Get taken for a ride or ride (with) someone else.

Destroy an air vehicle with a rocket launcher while parachuting.

Though the description may make it sound like a close to impossible achievement, it's crazy simple to unlock in a couple of minutes against enemy AI by following these steps.

1. Launch a Solo/Co-op game on Orbital with the AI difficulty set to Beginner.

2. Spawn in as any Specialist and make sure to have the FXM-33 AA Missile equipped as it auto-locks onto targets.

3. After the countdown ends and you're let in to the game, stay idle for about 20 seconds till you make your way to the top of the building in front of you; namely the skyscraper holding objective A1. The reason you wait 20 seconds before making it to this building is to allow the enemy transport vehicle to reach the center of the map within target locking distance. Reach the objective too early and it flies off the map like a poorly scripted event.

4. As the previous step states, make your way to the top of the building of Objective A1 after a 20 second delay.

5. Spot the passenger aircraft, lock-on to it and fire registering the first shot of damage.

6. For the second shot (the one that destroys it), simply jump off the building, equip your parachute followed by the FXM-33 AA, auto-lock and shoot it down.

7. Alt + F4 and celebrate.

The passenger aircraft moving to the center of the map is a 100% scripted even that can be restarted and completed each time in case of any blunders on the 20 second idle time at the start of the round.

Perform a roadkill with an air vehicle.

This achievement doesn't call for any special setup and can be unlocked in Solo/Co-op mode by simply squishing enemy AI preferably in a helicopter as it gives you a wider scope to control it close to the ground. If you're absolutely trash at controlling air vehicles like me, call the cool friend to assist you as this achievement also unlocks if you're in the passenger seat.

ㅤ‎‎‎⌞ Round Based

Tool TimeCQC SpecialistDeadshotShowoffThe Winner Takes It All

Repair 1000 damage on Vehicles in one round.

Attainable through Solo/Co-op by simply taking a tank to contested capture zones, getting into cover and repairing any damage coming off enemy AI. If there's no vehicles showing up at a contested zone, simply capture that zone and wait until reinforcements show up in vehicles.

Perform 20 melee kills in one round.

Though self explanatory, it's worth mentioning that this can be unlocked in Solo/Co-op under the "All Out Warfare" tab of the main menu.

Set the AI to beginner, strategize and place yourself at the right positions or drive around in vehicles till you find some on foot, 20 melee kills late the achievement will be yours.

Perform 20 headshot kills in one round.

As straightforward as it gets, get 20 headshot kill in one round to unlock the achievement. Can be unlocked in Solo/Co-op mode if you haven't already. Use any of the snipers against Beginner AI to simplify the process.

Be one of the top players of a round.

Can be grouped up with any of the Solo/Co-op missions, simply end the round with the top stats of a particular task; i.e. top assists, captures, revives etc. and it should unlock the achievement for you.

Win 42 rounds across all game modes.

A basic progression based unlock owing to the game being set in 20(42). Simply complete 42 rounds across any game mode to unlock this achievement.

ㅤ‎‎‎⌞ Miscellaneous

I'm Five By Five, B

Earn a Ribbon III of each type.

Ribbons are round-specific awards featured in Battlefield 2042. They function similar to those in past installments, being rewarded after meeting specific requirements pertaining to actions performed, weapons, vehicles, gadgets, etc. Ribbons feature 3 tiers that grant a greater amount of XP. More XP is rewarded for further progress on a specific ribbon. They may be earned as many times as their requirements are met.

Ribbon Name In a Round Requirement Objective Play the objective Wingman Support teammates with revives and various assists Logistics Heal and resupply others and repair vehicles Intel Spot and disrupt enemies, such as via EMP’s or destroying drones Combat Score kills and destroy vehicles

For this achievement, you need to have acquired a Ribbon III of each of the above actions atleast once in any number of games. It isn't specific to being unlocked in one particular round but can be spread across multiple games provided you reached III atleast once for each action.

Ribbons aren't awarded in Solo/Co-op sessions so this is a purely Multiplayer achievement; but not that hard to get.

Source: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2654748033					

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