Another Boring Achievements Guide

Part 1 - The Ones You Shouldn't Worry About.

These Achievements Should not be worried about as if you play through the game normally, you should be able to get these without even trying.

All of the Secret Achievements are Achieved by just playing through the game.

Memory Lane - You get this one really late, but you get it just by playing the game.

Adventurous Wayfarer - You also get this one really late, but as long as you visted the chocobo forest south of Kashuan Keep, you're good to go to get this.

The Warrior Achievements - Unless you are constantly running away from fights and cheesing the bosses to beat them, you will defeat 500 Monsters during your play through, but if you did somehow not get the final warrior achievement, you can always go to Semitt Falls and Grind in their.

The Gil Related Achievements - Basically the same thing for above, you should get 100,000 gil through out your play though, and you just need to get 100,000 gil, you don't need to save your gil to get it, but if you missed this, grind in the Jade Passage or Pandaemonium I guess?

Part 2 - The Ones That Require Some Effort, But Are Fairly Easy.

These ones are ones that require you to do certain tasks, but their rather easy to do.

Sword of Myth - You must obtain the gift Excalibur from Castle Deist You can not get this from having it drop from iron giants!, To get it, once Ricard joins your party and before going to Castle Palamecia, go to Castle Deist and speak the women and child in their then progress the game until Ricard is killed. Once he is killed, go to Castle Deist and the women will hand you Excalibur as a gift.

Magic Tactics - This one is a lot easier to get then Weapons Tactics, the quickest and painless way to get this is to simply use cure as your way to heal, yeah, just use cure. From personal experience, buying a cure spell at the start of the game and using it as your main way of healing through out a 20 hour play though, it got to level 16 right as I arrived in Pandaemonium. So just use cure through out the game.

Rookie and Veteran Treasure Hunter - These 2 are fairly easy to get if you are just getting chests as you see them, though it's possible to miss some making it impossible to get the Legendary rank of this if you miss some will be described later in the guide.

Basic and Advanced Field Researcher - Pretty similar case to the previous one, if you just play through the game normally, you will get these fairly easily, but the Professional rank can be missed will also be described later in the guide.

Part 3 - The Endgame Achievements (basically The Hardest Ones)

These are the achievements that are going to be time consuming, or might require you to play through the game again up to a certain point if you don't have backup saves!

Weapon Tactics - The Reason why I'm putting this higher then Magic Tactics is because unlike Magic where you can just get it normally by using one of the most helpful and earliest spells in the game, Weapon Tactics requires you to master a weapon skill and this is easier said then done, but I need to explain how weapons actually level up this game.

If you ever looked in the Bestiary, you notice that enemies have a "battle rank" this is only relevant for leveling up weapons and magic that can't be used on the overworld. The basic formula for this is "Battle Rank Which can be a number between 1 - 7 + The amount of times it's been used - The Weapon's Skill Level Which can be a number between 1 - 15 and if the result is greater then 0, you get 10 EXP for that weapon, this is why it feels like your weapon and magic levels seem to slow down after getting it to about level 8 - 10.

I highly suggest you should not attack yourself to level it up in an area with low level enemies as it will take a very long time for it to level up, so instead once your at the end of the game, you can do this; Go to F8 - F10 of Pandaemonium and have everyone besides the person your leveling up the weapon for defend while fighting the enemies in their, and make sure that you aren't using a really strong weapon that will kill the enemy version of the bosses you can find in here in a few hits, but not a weak one that can't even damage them and just fight them. While this is more risky, you will get a lot more gil and good items and some extra stat increases.

Legendary Treasure Hunter - Now, you can miss this one if you don't get all the chests in certain areas, and here is the Areas you need to make sure you get all the chests in;

Altair - I'm serious, if you forget the chest with the potion in it and you progress to the point where the cyclone destroys Altair, Gatrea, Paloom, and Poft, you will be unable to get this Achievement.

Fynn - If you don't go to Paul's house and tell him about the Cyclone when you get the Key Term for it, you will miss out on 8 chests.

The Dreadnought - Every thing below this point are Dungeons you only get to visit once, so be sure to get everything!



Castle Palamecia

Field Research Professional - This can be missed because a few enemies in this game can be permanently missed, and here is the ones that you need to get before they are missable.

Enemies missable after the events of the Mysidian Tower;

Phorusracos - A Random Encounter that can be found at the Dreadnought Landing Site.

Killer Fish, Sea Snake, Buccaneer, and Hell Diver - All of these are Random Encounters that are found in the Ocean.

Ant lion and Land Ray - Both of these are found in the Desert Area.

Enemies missable in Castle Palamecia;

Skull, Eyemoeba, Black Knight, Stone Golem, and *General.

* The general is a weird case as it is a missable enemy, you can fight one in the cyclone by opening a certain chest, and because you are going for all chests, you can't miss this one.

Part 4 - The End

So you after all is done and you have beaten the Emperor, you have mastered your Final Fantasy II Skill to level 28 and never have to touch this game again, woo! Unless square feels generous and adds a soul of rebirth DLC, but that's just a pipe dream.

I hope you maybe found this guide helpful, but chances are this guide will just be forgotten about so yeah, have a nice day.