Please sir, I want some more(ammo)

Please sir, I want some more(ammo)

Our Happy Little Skills

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Just pain a happy little pup there, and a happy pup here... We are here to be happy friendly and make our allies lives much better. We will have a ton of ability Recharge and some Cooldown reduction as well. We will be using our abilities as soon as they are off cooldown to give allies a plethora of buffs.

PUPS We are running Best Friend, to give ourselves and all our allies Recharge speed, reload speed, stumble change and damage reduction by 15% each. We can keep this up almost constantly, so Threat Detected is a fantastic addition.

Support Drone Grants Accuracy and Stability, some life back per kill, and a whole lotta ammo. This is the actual friend with real benefits as on Insane specifically (and extreme to some extent) this ammo is what will allow you to stay off that sidearm. Painkillers will work with Best friend to further reduce damage. Replacing it with Radius, or pretty much any other two slot perk is totally fine.

The other ones!

Got your back, Back in the fight a pairing, that will Recharge your and ally abilities, as well as reload guns. From what I can find enemy aggro is largely random, it may be effected by distance, and player damage* but the latter parts are speculation.

Threat Neutralized Gives 15% ability Recharge when killing a revealed target.

Red Is Dead Grants everyone damage vs revealed targets. When you hit an alien while the PUPS are up, this debuff will apply before the damage is done even on the first hit.

Chain Reaction For the big damages! We want huge hits that will finish off aliens, this will help us proc out many abilities that require us to get the kill.

Gunner CQW Training We will be prioritizing Fire Rate and mag size. WP isn't bad either, but not usually as good.

It is very easy to replace CQW with Recon or Doc Rifle Training, the same idea applies. (we don't need max ammo or accuracy, so pick your poison.

Alternative A little bit more support, a little less damage, same idea.

Twilight V.4

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The gun is good okay? What is more it can get all the attachments we desire in life.

Tanker Muzzle Stun makes for an easy follow up WP shot, increased WP damage, very good muzzle.

Armor Piercing Rounds This is giving us what we need, more damage vs heavier targets (but only when the armor is UP, armor is exactly 50% of their life) and a much larger mag so we can avoid reloading

Combat Relay Scope highlights enemies making WP shots easier, and gives us actual Cooldown reduction which is an actual 10% reduction in your Cooldowns as opposed to Recharge which is an additive bonus that sees a lot of diminishing returns. What this means is each proc will reduce 3 seconds from your Support Drone and 2 seconds from PUPS

AlternativeM42A3 Sniper with Chain Reaction, and free reloads is actually amazingly fun.

M37A3 Pump Shotgun

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We are back, again because we don't have to reload.

Nothing shocking here, just note that we have Chain Reaction and our shots are going to obliterate aliens.

Assault Break Best muzzle in class, highest Fire rate, while also giving accuracy and stability. Use it and be happy.

Alloyed Chamber More Fire rate, more mag capacity, this is just too good on this class.

Hybrid Sight Since we are using our Pups for accuracy all the time, we are mostly benefiting from the WP damage

Micro Red Dot Sight This gives nearly the same amount of WP damage but also gives handling and Aim assist (Aim assist will pretend your reticle was closer to the nearest enemy hit box then it actually was when you fired, covering for player error/mistakes.) Well worth it when you are not needing the extra Accuracy.

AlternativeType 21 A very solid Shotgun, with very high DPS when you are not having to reload. Also with medium sights we have an option to Reveal targets so we can proc Threat is neutralized and Red is Dead without PUPS active. (our rifle option can do this as well, so this isn't necessary)

Type 76 possibly a better option due to larger mag size, particularly if you are running rifle perks instead of CQW ones. It will have lower DPS when not having to reload though.


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